Kat’s Adventure: Week 1 -Toronto

So, the first week has come and gone and I have a feeling that the entire 6 months will feel like a breeze as well in the end. I don’t really know where to start here. After a 9-hour-flight you are definitely not ready to conquer the city, instead I just grabbed a bite and tried to (unsuccessfully) catch some sleep. This means I really only consider Wednesday my first day here and then I just tried to pack in a lot of touristy stuff while the weather was nice. Here are some highlights of last week:

Wednesday – Jenny Han

I started off my adventure the best way a bookworm can and that’s by going to a book signing! To clarify, no, I haven’t read Jenny Han’s books yet, but I fully intend to. I found out about this event from Maria @Big City Bookworm and was a little nervous about finding my way to the bookstore. I am a person who generally likes to walk places, but I definitely had to take some form of transportation to get there and I am always worried of getting out at the wrong stop or getting lost, but it all worked out fine (even though I was HOURS too early). And I got to meet Maria! She’s so nice and beautiful and great to talk to. I was extremely glad to have her by my side, especially when the outcome of signing turned out to be way bigger than we expected. Anyway, now I have a personalized signed copy of “To All the Boys I’ve Loved Before” and I can’t wait to dive into it while I am here.

Thursday – Ripley’s Aquarium

Aquariums are one of my favorite places to visit wherever I go. I know that Ripley’s is one of the bigger tourist attractions in Toronto, but I think I randomly found out about the place from some Degrassi actor who loves to visit. It was definitely a lot of fun! They put great effort into making Ripley’s interactive and interesting to watch. You could even touch some of the fish! But my favorite part were the jellyfish. They always are, I just have this fascination with them.

Friday – High Park

Friday was sort of the day where the weather started to shift and it got a lot chillier. Not letting myself get defeated by that, I went to High Park. I read that they had a zoo there and that entry was for free. I guess calling it a zoo is really a bit of an overstatement, because it is simply one of the streets in the park lined with animals on both sides. Nonetheless, I would never dare complain about that, because I had to pay absolutely no money. I decided to donate a bit to them though, because I don’t even want to imagine how much the upkeep and care for those animals costs.

Saturday – Royal Ontario Museum

Those of you who follow me on instagram (which I highly suggest you do – @kat_impossible) probably saw my story there and the wealth of different things they had. The Royal Ontario Museum, or ROM for short, kept me occupied for 3 hours with their incredibly varied exhibitions and I didn’t even get a ticket for the special Blue Whale exhibit. Their collections varied from natural history, dinosaurs, Canada’s history and first people, modern art to Asian, African and European sections. While I didn’t catch any of the tours, they do offer them hourly for free on different subjects. That’s definitely something that’s worth checking out.

Sunday/Monday – relax

After all the walking I did on the days before, I just really felt like I needed to rest up a bit. I am going to spend so much time in this country and even though it won’t all be in Toronto, I don’t need to see everything there is right away. Also, the weather wasn’t that great – mostly rain. I turned to my laptop and binged some stuff on Netflix instead. Those were definitely the days I saved the most money and I found a new show I adore! Dramaworld!

It’s super short but super funny! There’s this girl who is obsessed with K-drama, but when a story doesn’t play out as it is supposed to, she gets transported into the world of that show to help. In truth, she really only makes things worse and is even in danger of becoming part of the storyline herself. I NEED another season of this!

Now, that wasn’t all I did last week. I had food at great places. I walked the length of the city and saw some amazing architecture. I got to meet really nice people, but I don’t want this post to be like a mile long. I hope you liked this little insight into my first week and let me know what you all have been up to lately!

Trailers You Might Have Missed … (May 15-21)

Hello everyone! So, you are in luck, I have time and a steady internet connection to deliver you your weekly dose of trailers. Because of the upfronts, it’s still very heavy on TV instead of film, but I hope you will still enjoy. And fear not, an actual update on the first week in Canada will most likely go up tomorrow!


The Glass Castle

They had me with the first chord of the Lumineer’s “Sleep on the Floor” (my anthem) but then the story just made it even more amazing.

The Emoji Movie

This still looks like a mess.

Band Aid

This looks like Indie movie gold!


It looks SO weird, but the cast is phenomenal.

Battle of the Sexes

Those outfits back then! I can’t even …

Austin Found

This really only made it because it has Jughead’s dad in it. That man is always doing shady stuff.


Uhm … not a fan of the animation style, but I think the story might not be so bad.

TV Shows

Dark Matter (Season 3)


Star Trek Discovery (CBS)

Obviously I am going to watch this.

Life Sentence (CW)

I WANT THIS SO BAD! You know that I love Elliot Knight, right? But they are marketing it like a new No Tomorrow and we all know how that ended … (still not over it)

Dynasty (CW)

Oh yes! I know this is some sort of remake (never seen the original), but I would definitely watch this.

The Resident (FOX)

Manish Dayal AND Matt Czuchry? Count. me. in.

Valor (CW)

Not something I would necessarily associate with the CW to be honest.

Black Lightning (CW)

I think they might be working towards having only superhero shows.

The Gospel of Kevin (ABC)

It’s a maybe.

Splitting Up Together (ABC)

Doesn’t seem like something that will run for long.

The Mayor (ABC)

It looks way better on the long trailer.

The Orville (Fox)

I really don’t know … I mean … why are they releasing that at the same time as Star Trek Discovery?

Ghosted (Fox)

Just weird.

Alex, Inc. (ABC)

Not sure this will work anywhere near as great as Scrubs.

LA to Vegas (Fox)


Will & Grace Revival

I used to love this so much.


I’d watch it. I mean, come on, Alison Brie!

The Dark Crystal: Age of Resistance

I was going to include the Young Sheldon trailer (so cute!) but couldn’t find a proper video anywhere. Anyway, what are you watching?

Kat Goes On An Adventure! (Hiatus?)

Let’s just do this really quick. This time tomorrow I will already be on a plane bound to Toronto, Canada. I’ve been talking about this for quite some time already, but now it is real – it is happening. In the unlikely event of you having missed all my previous rambles about it, I will stay in Canada for about 6 months (if immigration allows it – fingers crossed!). The first two weeks will be spent in Toronto and then I will move on to Ottawa and Montreal and finally pick my route all the way to Vancouver on the West Coast.

I don’t intend to go on an official hiatus during that time, but for the first 1.5-2 months, I will be traveling all around Canada until I’ll settle in a place of my liking. It’s not that I doubt that I will have access to the internet, but I just cannot guarantee how regularly and if I will have the time to be in front of my screen all that much. So, I definitely want to post travel/life updates (if you are interested?) and also something on my reading and writing progress if there’s anything noteworthy, but I simply cannot promise that regular features like my trailer posts will be an option during those first weeks. Maybe I am wrong and you’ll find all the usual stuff, but I just don’t want to guarantee it.

Aside from the blog, you can follow my adventure on Twitter, Instagram and I might even revive my Snapchat account: kat_impossible

That’s all from me! I’ll just put the last items in my suitcase now. Wish me luck!

Trailers You Might Have Missed … (May 8-14)

My mind has been occupied all week, but rarely with the blog. I’ve also been pretty bitter about some of my beloved shows getting cancelled (Emerald City, Pitch, No Tomorrow and Sweet/Vicious – you shall be dearly missed! At least they cancelled and THEN renewed Timeless) but prepare for an onslaught of teasers for new shows that probably won’t make it past season 1 either.


Home Again

So, all the young dudes are in love with Reese Witherspoon? I’d watch that.

Blade Runner 2049

It looks so visually pleasing already. Let’s hope the movie will hold up! (but things are looking up for this one)

Kill Switch

Last week we had the teaser, now here is the full thing. I always knew my hate-love-relationship with technology was reasonable.

The Forever Woods

This looks bleak.

Girls Trip

I couldn’t remember, but maybe I already had that in the line up before.

Game Over, Man!

I have a feeling I won’t find this very funny.

TV Shows

Downward Dog (ABC)

It’s so weird, but I could be down with that.

Deception (ABC)

I would like this so much more if it weren’t a crime drama. Scratch the FBI component (unless they were hunting for him) and I would be down.

Splitting Up Together (ABC)

Right now I can’t see this going on for very long, but I’ve been wrong before.

The Gospel of Kevin (ABC)

I might enjoy this, mostly because I really like Jason Ritter.

The Mayor (ABC)

I am kind of over Lea Michele?

For the People (ABC)

Shonda Rhimes is like the Derek Haas of ABC (to clarify, Derek Haas is one of the creators of the Chicago franchise … lawyers, doctors … you get the image). They both can’t stop.

The Good Doctor (ABC)

Okay … guess that’s his career choice after Bates Motel?

The Crossing (ABC)

Did they seriously have to Americanize the refugee crisis?

Ten Days in the Valley (ABC)

Yeah, not my thing.

The Gifted (FOX)

What did I say last week about being pretty sated in terms of Marvel shows? Also, not a massive fan of the cast.

The Brave (NBC)

Not my thing, because I stopped watching Homeland and NCIS and all that jazz.

Law & Order True Crime (NBC)

I don’t even watch the regular Law & Order …

Stitchers (Season 3)

Actually … kinda … looking forward to this.


This will be so psycho.

What are you watching? How are you doing?

Doctor Who: Oxygen

Well hello there to another one of my super quick and not very thought-through Doctor Who reviews! This one is for episode 5 of series 10 titled Oxygen. As always, be aware that this review includes Spoilers!

What was it about?

The Doctor gets a case of wanderlust and takes Bill to a dystopian space station where the crew is direly in need of some help.

My thoughts?

The formula of this episode seemed pretty standard, but by the end I was releasing a breath of relief, thinking “We are finally getting somewhere”, but more about that later. These past weeks have not been easy for me. I want to like Doctor Who as much as I used to, but it’s such a drag to watch it, because there’s simply nothing that excites me about it. No episode has truly emotionally touched me, and just to clarify, neither has this one. I remain of the opinion that Nardole has been utterly useless so far, even if he finally got a little more screen time than in previous episodes. I don’t even find him particularly funny, which is a shame, because I suppose that’s his role here. Bill‘s wonder at experiencing life with the Doctor for the first time is still fun, but it cannot save the plot. I am seriously just scraping by and trying to find things I appreciate, so here’s what I got for Oxygen:

  • I liked the constant double meaning of their remarks towards suits.
  • Bill’s mum obviously plays a bigger role and I am curious to find out what it is.
  • The show playing with the notion of racism again (as they previously did in Thin Ice).

I am not a person that gets excited about space zombies (unless we are talking Illuminae files or something like that), but I am interested in the vault, the reason for the Doctor having to stay on earth and most of all the Doctor turning blind. I know that he has a special awareness of the world around him, but I wonder how long he can keep up the ruse of pretending he can see. Will this be a permanent condition until his regeneration? It’s like the first time we don’t have an entirely able bodied Doctor and that’s an interesting representation that I am curious about.

That’s all I got for you today, except for my favourite quote of the week:

“The universe shows us its true self when it asks for help, we show ours by how we respond.”

I caught a glimpse of Missy for next week, so I am hoping that will bring some much needed urgency to the episode! What are your thoughts, folks? Did you enjoy Oxygen?

Windfall by Jennifer E. Smith (eARC Review)

Publisher: Delacorte Press
Page Count
: 432

**I was provided with an eARC from the publisher via NetGalley in exchange for an honest review!**

This isn’t Jennifer E. Smith’s first book, however it is the first time I got to read one of her stories myself. I was immediately intrigued by the story, found the relationship between the characters beyond cute and sat on the edge of my seat with excitement for the first quarter of the book … but then it just sort of fizzled out.

Alice is very closed off and doesn’t even admit to all her feelings to herself. I am very glad that we got a view of why that was and how it changed as she realised that she didn’t have to always keep those walls up. She was smart and kind and even though I was sometimes frustrated with her when she got a little judgy, I generally really enjoyed her POV and growth. Her past was so heartbreaking, but I could definitely relate to her struggles. I know that the memory of a person can be warped over time and how you tend to put them on a pedestal or try to make them proud, even if you might have chosen a different path if it hadn’t been for them. I loved how, layer by layer, Alice found more to herself and didn’t need the approval of someone who wasn’t even there anymore.

The people in Al’s life were the best! Leo and Max deserve their own story or companion novella or something. But also the adults felt real and flawed but mostly present – something I always value in my books, be it YA or adult fiction. Unfortunately, I struggled a bit with Teddy though. I knew from the beginning that him and Alice would be endgame and that Sawyer, no matter how sweet he was, wouldn’t be a viable option. Nonetheless, I just didn’t really like Teddy. I don’t think it necessarily only boils down to just being his behaviour after he received all the money, but in general he had moments where he was just a jerk. It got better towards the end, but I wasn’t always 100% behind the motivation of his actions.

All in all I very much enjoyed the read, but most of the initial excitement soon gave way as the story took on a more predictable course.

Fazit: 3.5/5 stars! A cute story!

Have you read Windfall or other books by Smith? Do you want to?

Trailers You Might Have Missed … (May 1-7)

My life has been busier than usual and I cannot help but feel a little exhausted. I always knew it was for the better to have been such a recluse during High School. How do people manage having a social life and getting everything else done as well? I could fall asleep right now, but trailers always calm me down and get me excited for what’s to come. So, let me share some with you!



I would watch this and not just because of Michiel Huisman (although he is a huge plus), but because I like those movies that question patterns in life.

The Dark Tower


The Big Sick

I adore that this movie is based on Kumail Nanjiani’s real life love story with his wife and that they co-wrote the movie together. I would definitely watch this.

Once Upon a Time in Venice

I love how all the comments on YouTube are about whether this is a funny John Wick.

Absolutely Anything

This just immediately made me think of Bruce Almighty … very similar concept.

Descendants 2

Graet … now I have “Rotten to the Core” stuck in my head again.


Diane Keaton is just always great, but I never expect her in a British setting.

Vincent N Roxxy

I think this could be a really good indie movie.

Joshua: Teenager vs. Superpower

My documentary of the week.

Kill Switch

Dan is doing less and less grounded projects now it seems.

The Hunter’s Prayer

Thrillers and such aren’t my style, but I read Allen Leech and I couldn’t resist at least checking it out. He was only my favourite person on Downton Abbey (besides lovely Sybil).

Awakening the Zodiac

Haven’t they done enough Zodiac killer movies?


This reminds me of TV shows from the 90s and 80s for some reason.

TV Shows


I am hopelessly behind on AoS, so I have no idea if I am going to be into that. I am a Marvel girl, there’s no denying that, but at times I just feel like there is too much to watch and then those things are all interconnected and my brain is about to explode!

The Defenders

I guess I should finally watch Luke Cage and Iron Fist …

Still Star-Crossed

Interesting concept of making the Romeo and Juliet situation a curse, but I am not holding my breath for that one.

How was your week? What are you watching? I am almost done with the new season of Sense8 (my poor heart)!