My Top 3 British Shows

This is a ranking of my absolute Top 3 British TV shows. For me they are simply a must see!

  1. Doctor Who – I started with the 5th series and Matt Smith as the Doctor and simply could not stop watching afterwards! I instantly bought all the other DVDs that I could get and have seen everything from 2005 to now and still don’t think it’s enough. Currently, I can’t get the older seasons but I’ll definitely try because it is so worth it! This show exists for almost 50 years now and there is definitely a reason for that!
    You now want to know what it is about? Well, well, there are definitely easier things out there than summarizing Doctor Who. Basically, it is about an alien that can travel through time and space with his TARDIS (Time And Relative Dimension In Space) – which is a blue police box – and saves the world about a hundred or more times. No matter how weird that sounded; you should most definitely check it out!
  2. Misfits – it is edgy, it’s funny, it’s cool! I must say that I really loved season 1 -3, but didn’t really enjoy season 4. No wonder that they now announced that season 5 will be the last of the show. Nonetheless a show you should watch!
    Short plot-summary: Five young offenders get struck by lightening during a freak storm and get strange superpowers from it. People call it a mix between skins and Heroes and I kind of agree.
  3. Downton Abbey – I know, I know! A costume drama!? Really? But I say: “YES! I love this show!” I could really imagine life around WWI being that way, and I especially like the time jumps. Some people think it’s boring, others say it’s brilliant. Watch it yourself and decide what you think about it.


There are a ton of other good and hilarious shows to look out for! Sherlock just missed the call for the Top 3 by one place and I also have a soft spot for panel shows like Would I lie to you?, Russel Howard’s Good News, Sweat the Small Stuff and Nevermind the Buzzcocks.

Tell me about some of the shows you love/like/hate – I am always looking for new material!

5 thoughts on “My Top 3 British Shows

  1. My top 3 favorite British TV shows would probably have to be Sherlock, Doctor Who, and Being Human. Or Broadchurch… not sure. Broadchurch beats Being Human cause I’ve only seen the first two episodes of Being Human. I’ve actually seen Misfits (surprisingly cause my dad started it. Surprising because he doesn’t like British people).

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    • Well, Sherlock only very closely didn’t make it into the top 3 at the time. I really enjoyed both version of Being Human to be honest, the US and the UK one. Other British faves of mine nowadays include Our Girl, Victoria, Poldark and Class.

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      • I decided to start the UK Being Human first since it was made first, and then I will venture onto the US one (if Netflix still has it by then). I haven’t seen any of those other ones. Isn’t Class that new Doctor Who spin-off?

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      • I started with the US version and think that’s the reason I didn’t dislike it. A lot of people who started with the UK one didn’t enjoy the US version very much.
        And Class is the DW spin-off. It’s AWESOME!

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