Coming this fall … Part I

As I’ve mentioned a hundred times before I am quite obsessed with all sorts of TV shows and am always looking for new material, but I am quite dissappointed in this years fall line-up of the American TV networks. Here is Part I of the shows to watch or shows to avoid right from the beginning.


ImageStar-Crossed: Matt Lanter in yet another cw show … well, I can’t say I don’t like his appearance, but I would love to see him as something other than the loner/outsider/rebel heartthrob he always plays. Basically, the show is about an alien race that landed on earth and is now trying to integrate in the life of the typical American High School. Of course the story wouldn’t be complete without a little romance, so, one of the aliens immediately falls in love with one of the humans. (Anyone else think of the Host when they heard this!?) I’m not sure how the show will pan out, but I am not having a good feeling about it.


ImageDracula: Really? Yet another show about vampires. Well, what should I say? Jonathan Rhys Meyers is really good at playing in sexy costume dramas, but the topic of vampires is just too overused by now. I, personally, was hoping for something a little more creative by now. Again, I don’t know if this show will become a huge hit due to it’s casting or a big fail because of the boring subject it’s about. I’ll check it out this fall and will see if it’s worth watching.


ImageOnce Upon a Time in Wonderland: The original show Once Upon a Time had so much potential at the beginning until it got terribly boring in the second season. Nonetheless, the producers of the show decided to create a spin-off series called Once Upon a Time in Wonderland. We’ve been to Wonderland before in the show and can now expect to see familiar faces in the spin-off as well as some new and fresh actors and actresses in the lead roles. As I’ve watched the promo for the show; I have to admit I found it somewhat interesting. This could be due to my love for fairy tales and Alice in Wonderland and Peter Pan in general, or because the show looks really lovely. Unfortunately, just like vampires, fairy tales are massively overdone these days and it was a bold move to not only incorporate Fairytale-Land, but also Neverland and Wonderland in the show. Hopefully this won’t be one of those shows that gets canceled after one season, because I am really, really looking forward to it.

What are some shows you have heard about? And do you think the same about the shows I have mentioned?

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