Independent Movie of the Day

So, today’s Independent Movie of the Day is: Safety not Guaranteed

It’s mainly about three magazine employees that follow an odd ad in the papers, in hope to find the truth about the story behind it. Now I don’t want to give away too much of the plot, but here’s the ad for you:


Would you follow an ad like that? I admit, it is somewhat tempting, but gladly this was just a movie and not reality, because I wouldn’t have the balls to follow through with it (and it sounds really, really crazy). However, if this totally mysterious plot summary didn’t convince you; here’s the cast list: Aubrey Plaza (Scott Pilgram vs. the world), Jake Johnson (New Girl), Mark Duplass (Your Sister’s Sister), Karan Soni (Betas) and many more.


I hope you’ll watch it and comment on what you think about it!

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