One Woman to Play Them All

Orphan Black is one of the new hit shows of BBC America and after watching the first season almost in one day, I can’t help but be amazed at the acting skills of Tatiana Maslany – but more about that later on.

Orphan Black is about a young woman called Sarah, who wittnesses the suicide of another woman, who looks just like her. Having had somewhat of a dodgy, criminal past and being in desperate need of a hide-out, Sarah steals the identity of her lookalike. What she didn’t expect though, is the fact that Elisabeth (the woman she stole the identity from) was a cop. After that things just get weirder and weirder, and quite complicated if I might add. It turns out that Sarah and Elisabeth are only two of a series of clones who all look exactly the same, but differ in personality. I hope I could get your attention by now, because I doubt I can explain any more of the plot. Basically, it has a lot to do with evolution (or as they call it here neolution) and the whole concept of nature and nurture.

orphan black

The show is extremly interesting to watch and all the parts were amazingly cast. Tatiana Maslany, whom I mentioned before, plays Sarah and all of the other clones. Her repertoir is astonishing and I always forgot that she’s only one person. She is so precise in acting out the different characteristics of every clone, that it almost seems like there are several people playing the parts instead of one. I wonder if there is anything she can’t portray. But Tatiana isn’t the only one who does a great job. Jordan Gavaris for example, who plays Sarahs former foster brother Felix, brings a great element of humor to an otherwise mysterious and sometimes even action-packed show. Other cast members include: Dylan Bruce, Kevin Hanchard, Matt Frewer, Mary Doyle Kennedy and many more.

I absolutely cannot wait to see what will happen in the next season. Too bad I have to wait so long. What did you think of Orphan Black? Are you as impressed with Tatiana Maslany as I am?

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