When the Rising is done …

Have you ever wondered what happens after the Zombie Rising is over? When humanity somehow found a way to deal with the situation? Well, then you should definitely watch BBC America‘s In the Flesh.

The show starts a few years after a Zombie Rising, when scientists have found out that it’s not the Zombies fault, that they are the way they are. From now on Zombies are called PDS sufferers (Partially Deceased Syndrome) and can be medicated, so they can control their urges to eat flesh. It is the plan of the government to reintegrate all PDS sufferers into their former communities. That’s where the storyline of Kieran sets in. He is one of the mentioned PDS sufferers and has to go back into his former home town, even though they were one of the first villages to create a Human Volunteer Force to fight against the Zombies. Not only does he have to face the hostility of the community, but also some stories of the past that he thought had ended with his death.

I think the show has an amazing storyline, even though you might be able to argue that they drag it out to be a little too long at some points. Since it is a mini-series, it only consists of three episodes, but I am excited to find out if they maybe produce more in the future. While the show mostly is very serious, it also has great moments of humor in it. I especially liked the way the Zombies looked after they started to get treated, and thought it was a great way to distinguish them from the humans.Image

If you can, you should definitely check it out. Of course, there is also some sort of love story involved, but I won’t go into detail on that. Just know, that that part was my favorite sub plot!

Cast: Luke Newberry, David Walmsley, Emily Bevan, Harriet Cains, Kenneth Cranham, Steve Evets, …

Have you watched the show? Did you enjoy it or think it was rubbish?

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