The White Queen. A Review.

As I have written about Max Irons very recently, I thought you might be interested in reading about his latest project: The White Queen. Since I agree with almost everything that was said in the post, it was the perfect opportunity to share it with you!

Ella Cameron

The eagerly anticipated (by me, as a History geek) BBC’s show The White Queen premiered this week. Based on bestselling Novel series by Philippa Gregory The Cousins’ War, the 10 episode history drama depicts the War of the Roses and the struggle of the women surrounding the men battling for the Crown.

I often struggle with Historical dramas, as I find it very hard to not focus of the historical inaccuracy’s that are usually a result of making the story more entertaining and appealing for an audience (The Other Boleyn Girl – prime example, no factual backing whatsoever(sorry Gregory)). However, I can safely say that I had no trouble focusing this time.

Having now watched the premiere episode twice in a row, so as not to miss anything, I feel that it is very well scripted, an aesthetic delight, and exceptionally well cast with relatively unknowns in the…

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