The Power of E-Mails

One of the most beloved books I’ve ever read was Love Virutally Imagewritten by the Austrian author Daniel Glattauer. It was over way too soon, so I was immensly glad to see that he wrote a sequal called Every Seventh Wave to conclude the story.

Basically, it’s about two people that e-mail each other and fall in love purely through the written word. It’s not like a normal book though, all you know about the story are their mails. You see what they write about, because that is the only way they communicate. They don’t even meet during the entire book (even though they tried).

I adore it so much, because it shows how magical words can be. I’m a total fanatic when it comes to letter, actual handwritten letters, but since noone takes the time to write those anymore I was more than glad to see that mails can have a similar enchanting effect. Even though that all sounds very unreal and made-up, the lifes the two main-characters are living are more than believable. I so very much enjoyed reading those books, and hope that you will read them too.

Have you ever heard of them before? Do you think people can fall in love merely through the written word?

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