Superpower: Dance

I don’t know if it’s despite or because of my inability to do it myself, that I enjoy watching people dance so much. There is a sort of joy and emotion I could never describe in words, but they can perfectly show it with the movement of their bodies.lxd2

I’ve watched almost every dance-movie out there, ranging from Step Up and StreetDance to Shall We Dance? and Central Stage, but I have rarely been as excited as I was when I watched the web-series LXD.

LXD, short for Legion of the Extraordinary Dancers, is a show about people who’s superpower is dance. It’s a typical fight of Evil vs. Good – truly a story about the journey of superheroes. There are so many talanted dancers involved in this project, I wouldn’t even know where to start, but I can tell you it was written and produced by the amazing Jon M. Chu and mostly choreographed by Harry Shum Jr., Christopher Scott and Galen Hooks.

I simply love the whole atmosphere of the show and think you should totally check it out. The Youtube Channel DS2DIO has all episodes online, either as single episodes or as entire seasons (of which 3 exist by now). Or you can simply watch all episodes on the offical Website of the LXD. As a little teaser, I have the first episode for you:


I hope I could interest you in watching the show and just wanted to say that DS2DIO doesn’t only offer LXD episodes, but is a channel every dancer should know. You can find something like online dance classes given by highly professionals (e.g. Wade Robson) as well as entertaining performances from really cool dancers.

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