Coming this fall … Part II

The previous month, I wrote a post about new TV shows that are about to air this fall. Well, as you probably already guessed, this is the continuation of the list.


Mixology is a show about a group of people who spend the night in a bar called The Mix. The whole season takes place in only one night; I actually have no idea if that is brilliant or totally not managable. I know that shows like 24 have worked, and they also portrayed only one day in a season, but it was a completely different genre. I am guessing that it will be quite a fun and romantic show and it is pretty easy to stretch the whole story over several seasons, but the success of it will entirely depend on whether people watch it or not (which it kind of always does depend on).



This fall J.J. Abrams brings us a new futuristic cop-action-drama called Almost Human. In the time the show takes place, human police officers have to partner with something like evolved human-like androids. After an accident the main character (played by Karl Urban) has to live with being part-machine due to his synthetic leg. Even though he despises the technology, he forms an unlikely partnership when he is forced to work with a part-human robot (portrayed by Michael Ealy). I think the show looks excellent, very action-packed and like a good cop-story. Usually J.J. Abrams’ work is quite popular, so, I think this show will most likely do very well on television.


Well, that was it for now. There are so many new shows coming up, that you can be sure I will be writing about them very soon. Do you have particular shows you want me to write about? Have you heard about any of the series I’ve mentioned above?


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