Ways to Avoid the Future

I have just finished reading The Spectacular Now by Tim Tharp, one of the best teenage-dramas I have ever read. It has a surprisingly real and honest view on the life of teenagers. The main characters Sutter Keely and Aimee Finicky are certainly some of the most relatable characters I have had the joy to get to know in this spectacular coming-of-age story.

While the story seems quite carefree and light at the beginning, it gets clear very soon that it has a far darker and deeper tone to it. Because I am a romantic, I am not entirely happy with the ending, but that might just be me. Generally, the story revolves around Sutter Keely, a senior in High School, who has to deal with love, his best friend, school, work, family and foremost the thing he tries to avoid at all costs: the future.

I was more than happy to find out they made it into a movie and that it was made by the same people who did 500 Days of Summer. I saw the trailer and thought it looked perfect, now I can only hope I won’t be disappointed when I actually see it. It will be starring Miles Teller, Shailene Woodley, Brie Larson, Dayo Okeniyi, Jennifer Jason Leigh, Mary Elizabeth Winstead, Kyle Chandler, Bob Odenkirk, Kaitlyn Dever, …


Have you read the book? Are you going to watch the movie? Why did you like/dislike the story?

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