More than just Gatsby

The Love of the Last Tycoon

While I have read and watched all about the Great Gatsby myself, I have made it my personal mission to get to know other works of F. Scott Fitzgerald and to not only reduce him to this one (even though really great) piece of writing. I could talk about The Curious Case of Benjamin Button, The Beautiful and Damned or Tender is the Night, but I want to focus on the Last Tycoon, or the Love of the Last Tycoon as it is sometimes called.

It is truly a tragedy at it’s finest, but unfortunately it was published posthumously and never finsihed. As I started reading the story, I had no idea that Fitzgerald never got to finish the story. I was devastated when my flow of reading was suddenly disturbed by the note that from now on the storyline would only be described in what they found in his notes and through what his friends remembered.

Nonetheless, the Last Tycoon is a formidable piece of fiction, that shows the glamorous world of Hollywood in the 30s. It focuses especially on the life of Monroe Stahr (who is supposedly based on the film producer Irving Thalberg) and rise and fall in the film business. While it can be a bit estranging that the entire story is told from the point of view of Celia, it is also interesting to see how she experienced the story, and how she had to deal with Stahr falling in love with another woman.

I can only recommend this book to every fan of Fitzgerald and people who are interested in a little bit of film history. Have you read this book? Are there other works you prefer from Fitzgerald?

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