As Cool As I Am

as-cool-as-i-amRight at the start, I want to say that the title of this post has absolutely nothing to do with my gigantic ego, but rather with the latest movie I watched. As Cool As I Am is a 2013 family-drama based on the novel by Pete Fromm, directed by Max Mayer and starring Claire Danes, James Marsden, Sarah Bolger, Thomas Mann, William Peltz, Jeremy Sisto, Rhys Coiro and many more.

I am not yet sure what I really think about the movie. It is mainly a film about people, especially today’s generation and revolves around teenage girl Lucy who lives in a small town, falls in love with her best friend and who has to raise herself because her parents have their own problems to deal with. I know, it sounds like a very predictable movie, and at times it was, but then again it was also really interesting to watch. It’s about average people, making decisions that don’t always turn out to be right and that makes the characters just so very human. Claire Danes is wonderful as the former teen mum and Marsden makes a very believable absent father. Sometimes I think Sarah Bolger is a bit too old to play a teenager like that, especially because she seems so very mature, but maybe that’s just my opinion.

One of the things that bothered me is that they only scratched on the surface of certain topics and never went all the way (e.g. domestic violence). Also, I am really picky about endings. I don’t like them, so they have to be a really good finish to convince me and that was not the case with As Cool As I Am. For me it was somewhat abrupt and felt too forced. I haven’t read the book, so I don’t know if they chose to end the movie like that because it was the same in the novel or not.

Generally I thought it wasn’t a bad movie but it didn’t inspire me as much as it could have.

Have you heard of the movie? Did you think it was promising or too shallow?

4 thoughts on “As Cool As I Am

  1. Well I think it was quite well with some dialogs, I thought that the game of mature teenagers was good, I bought it, the problem was the ending related to the mother´s decision, eventhough it was disscused, the whole drama of the non resolved issues were abrupt and not well develop –just with random scences that did not reflect the inner self of the mother´s character—, quite of a script timing failure, not the performance, Also the looks of the film (lighting and ambience) was not enphasised with the looks of the film, quite good for the teenage world but not really rotten or mixed enought for mature characters trying to be young.
    Anyway a good film overall, very good acting.


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