A bit of hidden art history

I just finished reading Summer in February by Jonathan Smith and was completly smitten by the story. The book is based on the real lifes of former President of the Royal Academy Sir Alfred Munnings, Captain Gilbert Evans and their mutual love interest Florence Carter-Wood. As much as I do love fiction, I am always more intrigued when the people really existed. The book is especially well written because it doesn’t have the appeal of a biography but rather an interesting novel.

The story, as I mentioned above, revolves around the love-triangle between A.J. Munnings, Gilbert and Florence and the tragic ending it had. It all takes place in Lamorna, Cornwall, just before the first World War, but it covers art and poetry just as much as love and death. Not only famous artist Munnings is mentioned, but also Laura and Harold Knight, who were an important part of the life the main characters lead. I feel like I shouldn’t give away much of the storyline, because it would take away the suspense, but I find it fascinating that all this happened and noone knew about it for such a long time.

The book has already been adapted for a movie-version of the story and Jonathan Smith even wrote the screenplay. It should be out in cinemas around this time of the year and the film will be starring Dan Stevens, Dominic Cooper and Emily Browning in the main roles. If you want to, you can check out the trailer below, but I want to warn you – it’s more of a summary than a teaser.

I researched the characters after finishing the book and was really amazed at how their lifes turned out. Did you hear of the book? Have you read it yourself or are you going to watch the film?

7 thoughts on “A bit of hidden art history

  1. I haven’t heard of Summer in February before but after reading your post I’m thinking of actually having to watch the movie. Though, I’m not usually one for sad endings!

    PS: Congrats!


  2. Great that you enjoyed the book and thanks for sharing your thoughts. I see that the DVD of the movie came out yesterday. I’m looking forward to seeing it, and good to know that it is based on a true story! 🙂


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