I got nominated for a Liebster Award!

First of all, I really want to thank vinnieh for nominating me for the Liebster Award; I’ve never been nominated for anything before! I am actually still in shock and quite perplexed to think that this actually happened. You should totally check out vinnieh’s blog, if you are as interested in movie reviews as I am! The reviews range from classic movies to modern and quite recent films, so, there should be something for every taste.

There are a few rules that come with this award, and they are as follows:

  1. Post the Liebester Award graphic on your site.
  2. Thank the blogger who nominated you.
  3. The nominee has to write 11 facts about themselves.
  4. Answer the 11 questions from the post of the person who nominated you.
  5. The nominee will nominate 9 other blogs for the award.
  6. The nominees will then create 11 questions of their own for their nominated bloggers to answer in their Liebster post.

Facts about me – this really is the hardest part right now:

  1. My nickname used to be Ketchup for a while, but I am quite glad that changed.
  2. I have never fangirled over any show as much as I do over Doctor Who.
  3. If there exists a book for an upcoming movie I want to watch, I almost feel obliged to read it first.
  4. I  sometimes have the urge to bake something the way they do on the Great British Bake Off, but it never ever turns out the way it should.
  5. I love to travel, but only in regions of the earth where there is mild or cold climate.
  6. I am fluent in English and German (and I am quite alright at speaking French).
  7. I don’t go anywhere without a notebook and pen.
  8. I don’t understand why people don’t write letters anymore, because I love to receive them.
  9. My favorite TV show as a kid used to be The Tribe.
  10. I am incapable of playing a musical instrument.
  11. I am not punctual – I am always too early.

Questions from the person who nominated me:

  1. What film can you watch and never ever get bored with?
    I think I have watched Finding Neverland about 20 times and still think it is most beautiful.
  2. Which movie character reminds you of yourself?
    I can’t really think of any movie characters, but as for a character from a TV show, I would say Rory Gilmore from the show Gilmore Girls. I hope that counts as well.
  3. If you could travel back in time, which era would you visit?
    Probably the 1920s. I like the clothes from that era and also the music, but I am not entirely sure about that one. I only know I most likely wouldn’t go too far back in time.
  4. If you could be reincarnated as an animal after your death, what animal would you want to be?
    I’d like to be reincarnated as a wolf. I think they are beautiful animals and I like the idea that they have a pack.
  5. What was the first movie that really scared you?
    As silly as it may sound, the first movie that really scared me was the Last Unicorn. The red bull kept me sleepless for days.
  6. If you could work on a film with just one actor or actress, who would you work with?
    I would have to say Stanley Tucci – I simply adore his work and think he is really versatile in his acting.
  7. Madonna or Lady Ga Ga?
    Tough decision, but I’d say I prefer Madonna’s earlier work (not the recent one though) over Lady Gaga.
  8. Dog or cat lover?
  9. James Bond or Jason Bourne?
    Hmm, another tough one … but I think James Bond.
  10. What song best describes you?
    The Impossible Girl/Clara’s Theme composed by Murray Gold
  11. What is your idea of a great weekend?
    Well, my perfect weekend wouldn’t be anything too exciting. Just hanging out with some friends, reading a good book and being able to realx a little.

My nominees:










Questions for my nominees:

  1. If you could be part of any story (a book or movie or TV show), which story would you chose?
  2. Tea or coffee?
  3. Which fictional character bares the most resemblance to you (either in physical appearance, in character or both)?
  4. Summer or winter?
  5. Would you rather watch exclusively TV shows or movies for the rest of your life?
  6. If you could travel anywhere in the world, where would you go?
  7. Gummy bears or chocolate?
  8. What’s the first movie you really remember? And why was it so memorable?
  9. Which song could you listen to on repeat for hours?
  10. Comedy or Horror?
  11. Which Big Bang Theory character are you?

I can’t believe how long it took me to answer the questions and to think of stuff myself. As much as it’s a lot of fun, it’s also a bunch of real work! I hope everyone is satisfied with my answers/questions.

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