… and some more TV shows!

My last post about the new fall season TV shows was only about shows that started on the channel ABC. This time I chose two new series from BBC!

The Wrong Mans

The Wrong Mans (and no, that is not a typo or spelling mistake) is a new British comedy drama/action series, created and written by the two stars of the show: Mathew Baynton and James Corden. Other cast members include: Sarah Solemani, Tom Basden, Paul Cawley, Chandeep Uppal, Jordan Long

I have to say I just love that show. So far, only two episodes have aired, but I think the concept is great: After Berkshire council office worker Sam Pinkett (Mathew Baynton) witnesses a car crash and answers a ringing phone at the site of the crash, he and one of his co-workers (James Corden)  become entangled in a far-fetched, but deadly serious, web of crime and conspiracy.

While the show has a very serious look and also a thrilling score, it definitely is hilarious to watch. The characters are lovely and so … normal. I can’t wait to see more!


I guess that BBC needed a new mystical type of show after Merlin has stopped airing and it seems they came up with Atlantis. The show was created and produced by Johnny Capps, Howard Overman and Julian Murphy – two of those (Capps and Murphy) were also involved in Merlin, so, I am not entirely surprised. Following actors/actresses are starring in the show: Jack Donnelly, Robert Emms, Mark Addy, Aiysha Hard, Juliet Stevenson, Sarah Parish, Alexander Siddig, Joe Dixon, Ken Bones, Jemima Rooper,

Inspired by Greek mythology, the show is based on Plato‘s tale of Atlantis. In this story, young Jason tries to find his father, who has disappeared during a submarine-expidition. On his search, he suddenly finds himself in Atlantis, where an Oracle tells him that he was actually born there. From then on, he has to go on heroic adventures with his newfound friends Pythagoras and Hercules.

While the story isn’t bad, I personally never really associated Atlantis with Greek mythology and was somewhat confused when they had Greek Gods there. Especially, since they are mixing it up a little (Since when is a bull the sign for Poseidon? Wasn’t that Zeus?). I am not an expert on Greek mythology, but then again I am just not too convinced with the look and feel of the show in general.

I will be writing about other new TV shows soon. If there are any particular shows you would like me to cover, just leave a comment below!

If you missed the first segment of this post, here the link:


5 thoughts on “… and some more TV shows!

  1. Far from beeing a greek myth expert myself, but “fanboy” may apply 😉
    The bull may not be the most appropriate animal for poseidon, but it’s okay.
    Better is to associate the gods with non-animal-things like lightning bolts or tridents.

    To my knowledge, Zeus change into a bull quite often when doing his “creational work”, (in essence: raping women), sometimes a swan or even rain or other things.
    one of these “lucky” women was Europa. She climbed on the back of the bull, they swam to Crete and she gave birth to King Minos (hence introducing the Minoic Culture). So, although an island, Crete worshiped exclusivly Zeus by sacrificing bulls. Poseidon didn’t like that and demanded equal sacrifices. Minos cheated him and Poseidon “made him stepfather (or grandfather)” to the Minotaurus.
    So, according to this story the bull is somewhat appropriate, especcialy (or even) in a water-based culture like Atlantis. But Atlantis was to then greeks probably a mythological story, like most greek storys are to us.

    Nevertheless, Alexander Siddig? And IMDB tells me he is playing Minos? I’M GONNA WATCH IT!
    (Greek Film Trivia: Siddig “played” Hermes next to Liam Neeson as Zeus in the horrible “Clash of the Titans”. Could have been done by any extra!)


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