Girl Most Likely

Girl Most Likely is a 2012 American comedy and in my opinion a really strange movie (but what else would you expect from Kristen Wiig?). After its festival release, it got mixed reviews and I am too not fully decided whether I like it or not. It is not as full of laughter as you might expect from the trailer, but it’s also not a bad movie, but before I get into detail, a short summary:

Imogene, a failed playwright, stages her own suicide to win back her ex-boyfriend, but things go terribly wrong when she gets submitted to the hospital and has to be taken care of by her mother, with whom she has a strained relationship. Back in her hometown she realises that she has nothing left (no place to live in, no money, no boyfriend, …) and has to face the fact, that she took a wrong turn somewhere along the road .

As I mentioned above, the movie has had quite mixed reviews. On the one hand it shows some great elements of comedy, but on the other hand it sometimes gets dull and certainly isn’t as witty as it wants to be. Nonetheless, I loved all the actors and actresses: Kristen Wiig as emotional wreck, Annette Bening as quirky mother, Matt Dillon as the strangest character I have seen in a while (I was really surprised about his story,probably because I still don’t think it’s true – you’ll get this after you’ve seen the movie), Christopher Fitzgerald as awkward brother and last but most certainly not least Darren Criss in his first major role in a feature film. I think he is just naturally likable and I can’t wait to see him in more films soon!

The movie was directed by Shari Springer Berman and Robert Pulcini and is based on a screenplay by Michelle Morgan. Besides the people I mentioned above you can see the following in the film: Natasha Lyonne, June Diane Raphael, Michelle Hurd, Brian Petsos, Nathan Corddry, Murray Bartlett, …

Have you seen the movie? And what do you think about it?

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