The Final Season of Misfits

Misfits is by far one of my favourite British TV shows. It started airing on the network Channel 4 in 2009 and has just started it’s fifth and final season. While I do love the show, I feel like it has reached a point where it’s supposed to end.

The premise is easy. A bunch of young offenders get hit by lightning during a freak-electrical storm and get the weirdest kinds of superpowers from that. Ironic as it is, these not exactly model-citizens get thrown into situations where they have to be the heroes (not without killing a probabtion worker every now and then though). It is partially vulgar, very witty and shows a great example of British humour, but somehow it is just not as good as it was before.

For anyone who hasn’t seen the show and doesn’t want to be spoilered: You should stop reading now! I don’t want to be responsible for ruining the experience for anyone!

While the show is still not bad, I think it sort of went downhill when one of the earlier cast-members, Robert Sheehan, left after the second season and got “replaced” by Joseph Gilgun as the funny one of the bunch. After that more and more cast-members left, so that by the end of the third season only two regulars were still in it. Since season four only featured Nathan Stewart-Jarrett for half the season, because Lauren Socha got kicked out (apparently not because of her recent conviction, but I do think that that was part of the decision to not let her return). After that Joseph Gilgun became the new veteran of the show and had to deal with four new mates. In my opinion, it is alright to change actors every now and then, but changing almost the entire cast in such little time is too much. The storylines got weirder too, and while I do think that Alisha’s and Simon’s endless love-loop is very romantic, I also think that it was the same season (series 3) that lacked creative story-telling. So, as you can see there are plenty of reasons why the show should end.

I did get used to Joseph Gilgun by now and I really like him as Rudy, but I still need time for the other newbys. I guess I just really miss Iwan Rheon (who’s now in Vicious and Game of Thrones) and Robert Sheehan (who’s latest appearance was in City of Bones) and Lauren’s accent, but I can’t change anything about them not being in the show anymore.

The main actors and actresses over the seasons include: Robert Sheehan, Lauren Socha, Iwan Rheon, Antonia Thomas, Nathan Stewart-Jarrett, Joseph Gilgun, Carla Crome, Nathan McMullen, Matt Stokoe, Natasha O’Keeffe, … Furthermore, the show was created by Howard Overman, who also co-wrote the script with Jon Brown.

What do you think about the show? Could it go on forever or is it time to go for our superheroes?

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