The Day of the Doctor – all my feels

I am well aware that there are about a billion posts about the Day of the Doctor out there, but I simply can’t resist writing one of my own. If you haven’t seen the special anniversary epsiode yet and don’t want to be spoilered, I see absolutely no reason for you to read on. Consider yourself warned! (Imagine River’s voice: Spoilers!)

After all the waiting and not being entirely certain to get a ticket for the 3D live broadcast at my local cinema, I finally dressed up as the Eleventh Doctor and had one of the best experiences of my life! I doubt that I’ve ever been in a movie theatre that full and definitely not with so many people dressed up as Eleven, Ten, Four, Clara or one of the other characters. Where on earth are all those Whovians the rest of the year? Because I certainly didn’t know there were so many in my home town!


Fully prepared with my sonic screwdriver and a pack of jammy dodgers the broadcast finally started and I definitely didn’t get disappointed! I knew that Moffat would throw in a few treats for us that he has kept secret and I was absolutely shocked when Capaldi appeared for a few seconds (as a definite Matt Smith fan it might have been a month too early to see him as the Doctor). Also, including all the Doctors that ever existed was a brilliant idea, especially the special appearance of Tom Baker was amazing!

Doctor Who – 50th Anniversary Special - The Day of the Doctor

I have to admit that I expected something different from the anniversary epsiode. I thought we would continue right where we left off in the Name of the Doctor (and I still would really like to know how they got out of there!) and I most certainly thought that Billie Piper would play a different role in the film. Nonetheless, I can’t complain about the movie at all! There was one point where I couldn’t quite follow. Apparently I was a little too slow to realize that they didn’t manage to save Gallifrey (which then again they did, but in the last scene with Hurt, Tennant and Smith they thought they didn’t). Other than that it was absolutely genius. The interaction between Tennant and Smith was already amazing and adding Hurt to the equation was one of the most amazing things on the planet. The special was fun and interesting and I have a feeling it will change the future of the show a lot! To me it was the perfect love letter to the fans!

What did you do on the Day of the Doctor? What is your opinion of the special?

Oh, I almost forgot to mention the Christmas Special. I absolutely dread the idea of Smith leaving, not because I think Capaldi won’t be great, but because I really, really liked him and I wanted to see more of him and Clara together, but everything ends at some point and so does the era of the Eleventh Doctor. Here a little teaser for Christmas Special. What do you think about it? I have a feeling it’s going to be scary!

20 thoughts on “The Day of the Doctor – all my feels

  1. Yeah, I was wondering what happened at the end of “Name of the Doctor” as well. But maybe the Christmas special will elaborate on that. It takes place at Trenzalore. And to clarify, they do save Gallifrey. Should be interesting if the Doctor (in any of his forms) goes off looking for it.


    • Yeah, I know that they do save Gallifrey, but I already thought so when the three Doctors were standing in front of the painting and didn’t think that it worked, so I was confused when they believed they didn’t save it .. do you know what I mean?
      Oh, and did it bother you as well that they didn’t finish the Zygon storyline? I didn’t even realise it until a friend mentioned it to me and then I was like “right, that didn’t really have a proper ending”


      • I feel they worked something out with the Zygons, especially since nobody was sure who was what. And if not, it’ll make for an interesting story in a future episode.
        As for whether or not they saved Gallifrey, they can’t be sure that their tactic worked because Gallifrey is locked in another dimension. Perhaps someday the Doctor will find it. Perhaps not. Who knows what’ll happen?
        Either way though, it’s going to be with Peter Capaldi.


      • Well, concerning the Zygons: the sciency girls knew who was the Zygon and who was the human, but you’re right. It’s definitely good material for future episodes.
        I’m pretty sure one of the future Doctors will find Gallifrey, otherwise it would have been a useless storyline, if it’s an impossible quest.


      • But in Gallifrey, there are some who are very upset with the Doctor. Rassilon returns to get revenge for the events in The End of Time, the Master comes back to deal some more pain, and others are forming against him!
        God, this stuff practically writes itrself!


      • That just proves that Moffat did a great job. He opened up a whole new bunch of possibilities for the Doctor’s storyline. You can integrate old enemies, but also invent new stories. He entirely avoided the danger of it getting repetitive.


      • That’s the great thing about Doctor Who–they can constantly come up with new stories and reinvent the storyline and come up with new stuff all the time. I wouldn’t be surprised if someday they have more than 13 or 14 Doctors just because they can.


      • You kidding me? For once I have something to look forward to this Christmas! I’m Jewish, so I actually have something to be excited about. Besides, I was heartbroken when I found out Christopher Eccleston only stayed one series, but I still survived. And who knows? You may love Capaldi even more than Smith…and anyone who comes after Capaldi.


      • I never ever said that I won’t like Capaldi, I eveb mentioned numerous times that I think that he will be a brilliant Doctor! But Smith was and always will be my Doctor, because he was my first Doctor. You never forget your first Doctor! So, I’m allowed to dread the idea of him leaving a little, it doesn’t mean that I’m not excited at all 😛


      • You’ve got a point. I still love Ninth the most, though I think Tenth is pretty awesome. I’ll miss Smith too, but like Tenth, he might come back for a future special. Who knows?
        Hey, speaking of which, if Matt Smith is really the 13th incarnation of the Doctor, then where’s the Valeyard? He’s supposed to show up somewhere between the 12th and final incarnation of the Doctor. He’s like all the evil of the Doctor distilled into one body.


  2. love the post and I agree, I couldn’t figure out where all the Whovians in my town came from either! Seeing it in the theater was an awesome experience.

    As for the greater than 12 incarnations of the Doctor, I jump into a bit of that in my post, but after reading just thee headline and sub head of the mirror article you mentioned, I am curious to see where Moffat takes the story.

    And last, as for the Doctor going to find Gallifrey, I have a feeling that will be a key plotline for Capaldi’s Doctor, don’t know why, I just got that vibe from the end of Day of the Doctor.


    • I am glad you liked the post 😀
      I can’t wait to find out what Moffat has in store for us, concerning the incarnations and also the Gallifrey-storyline. No matter what he plans, I am sure it’s going to be awesome!


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