The Return of Sherlock

From a sad to a more jolly topic: After a whole of two years, BBC’s Sherlock finally returned with, in my opinion, their best episode yet! (Again, if you haven’t watched it, you shouldn’t continue reading! Spoilers!)

In The Empty Hearse we see that not only we had to wait two years, but John Watson as well. A lot more people than he would’ve like actually knew that Sherlock was alive. After he finally overcame the devastation of Sherlock’s death he moved on and even found a woman he wants to marry, Mary (played by Martin Freeman‘s gorgeous real wife, Amanda Abbington). While I never liked Mary’s character in any of the other adaptations, I really liked Amanda’s version and I think she is a great addition to the cast. Right in the moment he wants to propose to Mary, he gets disturbed by a hilarious Sherlock disguised as a French waiter. I loved that scene! The reunion scenes in general were pretty great and I particularly liked how everyone reacted differently to Sherlock being back.

Another thing that was brilliant about the episode were the different theories on how Sherlock faked his death. I laughed and I was speech- and breathless at the things they came up with. I really wanted the first version to be true, because I am a huge Molly fan, but then came the Moriarty-Sherlock-couple theory and I was smitten again. I am not sure that the version Sherlock told was the right one … we’ll see if we ever find out the truth.

I was especially pleased because I got some lovely (and real!) Molly-Sherlock moments. Although Molly’s character never existed in the books, I still believe she fits the story perfectly and I am definitely not convinced that she will marry the awkward Sherlock-lookalike!

Last but not least, the Mycroft-Sherlock moments were also great. The games they played, the talk about goldfish and lonliness; all of it was fantastic! You see, the entire episode was just amazing! I am really impressed by the script Mark Gatiss managed to write and it happens very rarely that I have absolutely nothing to criticise. I cannot wait for the rest of the season and think it is amazing that they got more than 9 million viewers for the opening episode!

What did you think about the episode? Did you like it as much as I did? Or did you find flaws I chose to ignore?

P.S.: I am sooooo glad John shaved off that mustache!

2 thoughts on “The Return of Sherlock

  1. I wanted to wait for the other episodes of this season before leaving a comment on this post but by now I’m quite sure about the fact that this was, is and always will be the best, most hilarious and simply awesome episode of Sherlock ever made.
    Primary I think it has to do with the fact that I was awaiting the new season like a small child awaits a day where christmas and his birthday are finally put together. My expectations where though really high and I have to say – I haven’t gotten disappointed at all!
    All in all it’s an episode which can be described as highly functional sociopathic ^^


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