John Watson’s Wedding

While I have heard some mixed opinions about the third season of BBC’s Sherlock, I am still of the opinion that it is the best season yet and I am both, excited and sad, that the finale will be this Sunday. Again, if you haven’t watched it yet, you should probably stop reading now! (Spoilers!)

The second episode of season three was called The Sign of Three and I had no idea what that title was about until the very end of the episode. The past two episodes were both very different from the classic Sherlock we all know; The Empty Hearse was funny and included a lot of treats for the fans and the Sign of Three was funny as well, but also very senitmental in a way.

I am so very happy that Amanda Abbington joined the cast of Sherlock and I simply love her as Mary. She doesn’t try to break up the unique Sherlock-Watson bond, but rather encourages them to spend more time together. We still don’t know a whole lot about her though, and I have a feeling the note from Cam that Sherlock read at the wedding reception is going to play a role in the final episode of the season.

Sherlock’s speech was absolutely amazing! It was touching and hilarious … even if he didn’t really get that. Since the whole episode took part at the wedding reception and the rest of the storyline was almost entirely told in flashbacks, it very much changed the dynamic of the plot. I think that did quite well and I will never ever forget the part where Sherlock and Watson were drunk! Oh, and Irene was back! If only for a very short moment, it still counts for me and my hopes are up that she will appear again in the future!

Again the Mycroft and Sherlock scenes were great! I do love seeing them together and the scenes could definitely be longer!

Of course, for my taste, there wasn’t enough Sherlock/Molly interaction, because a few jealous glances from Molly towards the bridesmaid simply aren’t enough for me. To me, the episode very much proved that Molly and Tom are not meant to be (… even if they do have a lot of sex). If Molly can’t be with Sherlock (and I do realise that that’s probably never going to happen), she could at least be with Greg Lestrade.

Generally, I liked the episode. Not as much as the first one, but I thought it was touching and funny – always a good combination. What did you think? Is this your favourite season as well or do you prefer the previous ones?

Random fact before I finish: Did you know that the people who played Sherlock’s parents are Benedict Cumberbatches real parents? That’s so lovely and the show is starting to have a lot of family bonds …

12 thoughts on “John Watson’s Wedding

  1. I totally agree with you, although I think that the first episode was ways better than the second; I kind of don’t like the sentimental side the authors gave to Sherlock. It just doesn’t fit to the character. Concerning the Sherlock-Mycroft scenes I’m also the same opinion, but the highlight of the whole episode was certainly the speech. Mary’s kind of cool, I think she accepted that she would have no chance if she’d try to get between Sherlock and Watson 😉


    • I’m glad you agree with me :). I can definitely understand that you’re not entirely happy with the direction the authors are going, because I also wasn’t quite sure what to think about it at first. In the end I decided to just go with it, although it really isn’t very Sherlock-like


      • After such a long hiatus, I think they had to pull the sentimental part a bit, because you can’t think someone is dead for 2 years and then pop back into the same routine. With John moving out and getting married, there are a lot of things changing, and if they didn’t explore that, it would be weird. I guess it’s the problem of only getting 3 episodes per season…


      • After thinking about it, I also believe that the sentimental part was necessary. Nonetheless, I still understand why people feel a little alienated by such an emotional Sherlock.
        I wish they had more than 3 episodes per season though


      • Maybe not… they took 2 years off mainly because of The Hobbit and Star Trek. I don’t know why, but I suspect that they are already planning shooting this next season soon… Steven Moffat had a long time without Doctor Who between Matt’s last episode shooting and last week’s beginning of shooting the 8th season of Doctor Who, so he probably worked something out. That doesn’t mean we won’t have to wait a whole year for it though… =(


      • Although I think Moffat works on various scripts all the time, I don’t actually believe that he has anything planned out for the 4th season just yet. So, I guess one year is definitetely the minimum waiting time we’ll have to prepare ourselves for.


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