Half Bad

I am sort of recycling and improving my Goodreads reviews here, but I didn’t want to let you guys wait for another couple of months before I post something new.

Half Bad is the debut novel of Sally Green and the first book in the Half Life Series. The book revolves around Nathan, a male witch who’s mother was a White Witch and who’s father was a Black Witch. Seen as he is now half White and half Black the community or Counsil of the White Witches, as it is called in the book, doesn’t really know how to handle the situation. Usually, you are allowed to kill a Black Witch on sight, but Nathan isn’t entirely Black … you get my point … The way the main character is treated, is really terrible. People aren’t just mean to him, they outright abuse that poor guy for no good reason – it’s like witch racism in a way.

The story takes place in modern day Britain, which is an interesting setting I think, and starts out in a very unique POV. It starts out in second person POV; as in “You walk to the sink and pour yourself a glass of water.” It’s very strange at first, but it doesn’t stay that way and you would get used to it eventually. So, I normally really like stories about witches and the whole Good vs. Evil stuff, that’s why I decided to read Half Bad. But let me tell you one thing: White, certainly doesn’t mean good! The lines are very blurred concerning that whole topic – which just makes it that much more intriguing to me.

I have to admit though, that not a lot happens in the first book. To me, it seemed more like a 360-pages-long prequel to the real story that is about to happen in the next books. That doesn’t mean I didn’t enjoy it, because I definitely felt like it was a quick and gripping read and I can’t wait to read the sequels (the next book will come out sometime next year!). 

Have you heard of this series? Did you like/dislike it? Gimme your thoughts!

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