Summer Hit: The Night Shift

Apparently this years summer hit on TV is NBC’s The Night Shift. I’ve watched all six episodes that have been aired thus far and despite the show being only very mildly creative, I have to admit that I dig it.

Let’s start off with the basics: The Night Shift is a medical drama series that revolves around the night shift at the ER of San Antonio Medical Centre. You might think that it’s just like all the other medical shows on television and what should I say? Of course, it’s nothing entirely new, but I think the fact that they only show the actual night shift of one single day adds a nice note to the tone of the series. The doctors are pretty extreme, with most of them being (ex-)military, and you’ve got a nice variety of characters. What more could you wish for during the dire times of most TV show’s summer break? If you still need convincing, maybe you’ll find one of your favourite actors/actresses among the cast, which includes: Eoin Macken, Jill Flint, Ken Leung, Brendan Fehr, Daniella Alonso, Robert Bailey Jr., Jeananne Goossen, J.R. Lemon, Freddy Rodriguez, …

Now, if you haven’t watched the show and don’t mind a couple of Spoilers you might read on. Here’s the things I enjoy and think about the Night Shift and what’s to come:

  • TC is my absolute favourite character! I can’t wait to see what happens next with the whole Scott-Jordan-TC-Landry drama going on.
  • Although Ragosa can be a real douche, he’s actually really smart and I find it incredibly cute that he’s into Landry.
  • Drew finally came out, and he did so with a bang! I am worried for him though, because although I’d really like for everyone to be happy for him, the look on the faces of Rick’s platoon weren’t exactly all approving. I guess, I’ll have to wait for next week to find out.
  • I love Krista’s and Drew’s friendship! It’s one of my favourite parts of the show!
  • Topher and Kenny are a great comic relief of the show. I think they are both great characters.
  • The only one I didn’t really connect to is Paul. I don’t know why I don’t really like him, because he’s done nothing to deserve my dislike, but (except for epsiode 5) I just can’t find it in me to care for his character.
  • Next week (episode 7) we will have a hostage situation at our hands! I just heard a shot at the end of the promo and am really scared for TC, Jordan and Topher (who seem to be with the shooter). It’ll probably not be as bad as I think now, but still …

So, that’s all I have to say. I can’t wait to find out where they are going and if they’ll survive this summer. Although I hope to see more seasons of the Night Shift, reviews have been very mixed. What do you think about it?


13 thoughts on “Summer Hit: The Night Shift

  1. I got the chance to meet some of the cast at a screening of two of the episodes and ever since then I was hooked I liked it alot and cannot wait to see season 2 .I loved Eoin because of him being on Merlin and Daniella Alonso because i liked her on Revolution.


    • Oh my stars! I really like the actors too! I’m still disappointed that Revolution didn’t get a proper ending …
      That must have been amazing! Did you get to take some pictures with them and stuff? Even if you didn’t, that’s still so cool. I’m jealous!!
      I think the show has potential to run for a long time, but they need to have more episodes per season haha 8 is really not enough.


      • Yes i got a picture with Daniella Alonsl and Jill Flint my mom got a pic with Brendon Fehr and my aunt with Freddy Rodriguez I also got a signed poster 🙂 i have a blog post about with all the pics . You should check it out,its from a couple months ago.


  2. You basically wrote what I felt about it. It’s one of those shows that while they are not particularly imaginative or creative, they just do what they do really well, which has to do a lot with cast and cast chemistry, I suppose, and I think they got it right. I hope next season is longer though, but it was a fun summer show to have.

    I do prefer Eoin Macken’s Irish accent though.


    • Eoin Macken is amazing and I love his original accent better as well.

      Did you know that he wrote a book? It’s called “Kingdom of Scars” and came out a couple of days ago. I have to get my hands on it somehow! I need to read it!


      • I follow him on Twitter so I’ve heard about the book 43484444 times by now 😛 I am planning on getting a copy as well, but my shopping list is painfully long at this point. There are lots of releases I want to buy in the next couple months (mostly movie related, and art-of books, which are expensive…).


      • I follow him on Twitter as well! I’m relatively new to Twitter, so if you need a follower, I am very willing to follow fellow TV addicts!

        I have this strange thing where I watch a new trailer and if I like it the next thing I do is read the book it’s based on. My friends always make fun of me, but I like having books with the actual movie cover and I always insist on reading it before actually watching it.


      • I actually *refuse* to buy any book that has a movie cover on it, I want the actual book cover. But having said that, if I see a trailer that looks interesting to me and it’s based on a book, I’ll totally go and buy the book and read it before watching the movie. I am actually planning on reading The Maze Runner this week so I can watch it next week. Incidentally, I actually do have the movie cover version of that one, because they reprinted it and the store didn’t have the original book, but it at least looked like they kept the new movie cover very consistent with the rest of the series…

        I don’t particularly care about my number of followers as it’s just my private and boring twitter account, but I’ll definitely follow you. It’s a great way to spread your blog posts around.


      • I still haven’t watched the Maze Runner, but I think the movie is better than the books. I had some real issues with them, but we can talk about that after you’ve read it.

        I don’t know where my obsessions with movie covers is coming from. I just really love them.

        It’d be awesome if you follow me! I have all the links to my accounts in my Contact Information section (because I also made a Facebook page for the blog in case you interested in that as well)


      • I just liked/followed you on both. 🙂

        I had a lot of YA books to catch up this year! Currently finishing up the Legend series, and then I’ve got a whole bunch of series I’m in the middle of, as well as first-books-of-a-series waiting for me, but because The Maze Runner is out now I will prioritize it… for the time being reading only the first book so I can watch the film, but will probably get to the rest later on if I like it.


      • Thanks so much! I really appreciate it, because spreading the word is sooo difficult!

        I read the first book of the Legend Series but never got the others. I read a lot of stand-alones the past months, ranging through all different sorts of genres.


      • I’ve had this crazy run of YA series this year, not entirely sure how it happened.

        No, I’m lying, I know how it happened: I kept being super busy and missed reading, so I figured YA books were easier to read quickly, while my usual stand alone novels can take me forever to read. I am a fast reader, but I don’t really have enough time, and unlike TV which I can do while working, reading? Not so much.

        I really enjoyed the first book, actually. I’m now halfway through the third, and it’s a bit dragging for my taste, but I will give Marie Lu that – at this point I have no idea how this will be wrapped. The second book was a bit like that too – dragged at times, but then she gave you this twist you didn’t see coming and it forced you to rethink what you had in mind until now.


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