Let’s talk about Teen Wolf Season 4!

As I’ve previously mentioned in a post last August (click here to see the article)  I am a huge fan of MTV’s Teen Wolf. After the amazing and surprisingly extended third season I couldn’t wait to finally watch season 4. Now that it’s on air there are just so many things that fascinate me and that I have questions about! So, let’s talk about Teen Wolf for a bit! (If it wasn’t obvious enough: this contains spoilers for season 4!)

The season has started quite differently from the previous ones and we got some action right from the start. While I was a little worried that it might get too overloaded, everything up to episode 5 of season 4 seemed really interesting and thrilling to me. There is a ton of stuff I want to talk about:

  • I don’t get the hate towards Malia. Everyone knows that Stydia is probably endgame and Malia and Stiles seem very sweet together. They probably won’t last forever and Malia by herself is a really hilarious character in my opinion. She hasn’t lived amongst humans for years – I love all those “fish out of water”-moments we get with her. Also, I cannot wait to see her reaction when she finds out that Peter Hale is her real father? What do you think about Malia? Tell me in the poll below!
  • I really miss Allison and Isaac (who’s a total traitor and now plays a vampire on the Originals)! And because of that, I am just so glad that Chris Argent is back, because otherwise I would have to miss him too. I so desperately hope that the Mexican hunter clan didn’t turn him against Scott and the other supernaturals in last weeks epsiode “I.E.D.”.  I get that he needs to do something about his sister Kate, but other than that I hope that he is still on team Scott.
  • Derek is losing his powers!? What? How? … I knew why I never liked Kate …
  • I think Kira is a great addition to the cast, but I just haven’t warmed up to her that much yet. There’s a very high chance that I am alone with this opinion, because everyone thinks she’s so badass and cool and great … but I wanted to mention it anyway. Scott’s and her relationship is slowly developing, but I just don’t see the same chemistry as the one between Scott and Allison.
  • Scott is so getting into trouble for turning Liam. Not just because Liam can hardly control himself, but also because of the threat of the Mexican hunter lady.
  • I’m loving the fact that we get all different kinds of supernaturals. Just think of that Windigo! I can’t wait for what else they are going to bring to the show as long as there won’t be any vampires!
  • What’s with all those teenage assassins? Are there really that many people trained to be a hunter? In Beacon Hills it seems to be part of the general education.
  • Who do you think the Benefactor is? That hit list is definitely scary and the sums that the Benefactor is willing to pay – oh my, would I like to have that much money! I’ve heard talk of it being Gerard Argent, but I am not a 100% convinced of that…
  • They’ve definitely mentioned Sheriff Stilinski having trouble paying his bills. I want that storyline to continue, so they better not drop that without an explanation on how he solved it!
  • This is my last point and the thing or rather the person that intrigues me the most this season: Deputy Jordan (yay! we finally got a first name!) Parrish aka Deputy McCutie. Who is that guy? He clearly is some sort of supernatural because he mentioned in season 3 that he felt drawn to Beacon Hills. Also, according to the hit list, he’s worth like 5 million Dollars. He doesn’t totally freak out when something out of the ordinary happens, in fact, he stays pretty calm and collected through almost everything! He even suggested that Lydia might be a psychic.
    Talking of him and Lydia – even hardcore Stydia – shippers were kind of drawn to the dark side when they saw Parrish and her together. There is some sort of chemistry between them, although I am not on board with it … okay, maybe I am shipping it a little … I mean Lydia said she’s done with teenage boys. But I am not fully committing to Marrish just yet.
    However, the theories revolving around our dearest Deputy Parrish are endless! Some think that he’s a Banshee others suggest that he’s Isaac’s brother Camden (who’s apparently the same age)… What do you think?

Soooo, I think I’ve touched about all points that were swirling around in my head. I am looking forward to hearing what you have to say! I’ve just watched the mid-season trailer and we are definitely in for a ride here.

39 thoughts on “Let’s talk about Teen Wolf Season 4!

  1. I think Gerard Argent is possibly a good candidate to be the Benefactor, but I wonder how he was able to stand up and get into the vault in the first place. He might have a helper, but who? Also, I think the romance in this show is very realistic of what it’s like in real life. People fall passionately in lvoe, but things happen, they mature and grow apart, and sometimes they find completely knew people. So while I wanted Allison and Scott back together, I’ve warmed to Scott and Kira together, and I wouldn’t be surprised if Stalia and Marrish became actual long-term relationships. Though I’d think it be too convenient if Parrish was a Banshee, especially with Meredith showing up. I’m pretty sure she might somehow become Lydia’s mentor. More likely, I think Parrish is some other sort of creature, but I don’t know what.

    Also, did you notice my Top Villains List? The Darach and the Nogitsune were #5 and 6, repsectively.


    • Gerard would definitely need a helper, but I just can’t think of anyone suitable at the top of my head. We’ll have to see for that one.
      I can totally see what you mean by relationships are changing and maturing over time and I got over the fact that Scott and Allison would never happen, but I just don’t feel as strongly about Scott and Kira as I did about him and Allison. I know that relationships are always different, but yeah … maybe I just need more time.
      As for Stalia and Marrish; do you really think those could work out in the long run? I can definitely see Marrish being a thing and turning into a fan favourite, but I doubt that the fan community will ever settle for Stalia. I like all the ships about equally, so I don’t know what I would prefer to happen in the end, but whenever I think of the general Teen Wolf shippers, I can’t imagine them being satisfied with anything less than Stydia.
      I can’t imagine Meredith as a mentor. Meredith would really have to get her act together and Lydia would have to be a loooot more patient, but I can see them working together more often.
      I have no idea what Parrish is supposed to be. I don’t know if you’ve seen the mid-season trailer, but he looked like participated in some sort of fight. That is one of the things I definitely want to see revealed soon!
      I saw your list on my Reader but I totally forgot to take a closer look. I will do that right now 😉


  2. What if the Benefactor is the old chemistry teacher, the one who Jennifer Blake killed because he was a philosopher? Adrian Harris! We’ve already established in this show that death isn’t always permanent, he would know about Beacon Hill’s freaky side, and he would have motive to go after Scott and the others. Plus he’s smart enough to pull of a plan like this, and there’s hints that the benefactor will be a familiar foe, so it could be him if not Gerard.


    • Hmmm, interesting theory, but he hasn’t been killed by weres, so I can’t yet imagine how he managed to get back. I definitely see where you’re coming from, but I just can’t imagine it in the show. I don’t know .. Why would he want to kill everyone? And Peter isn’t on the list. He’d have no reason to exclude him.


      • Well, there’s probably more than one way to raise the dead. And he may blame the supernatural community for his death and for a lot of other crap that’s gone on (like how Kate Argent used him to help her set the Hale home on fire). And maybe he’s calculating on a way to use Peter by leaving him off the list. Anyway, he’s my top theory right now.


      • Okay, I get it. I get it. I just don’t feel it. I think about it and I can’t disagree with anything you’re saying, but I just don’t see it. There’s a very high chance you could be right though.


      • Yeah, but this show is great for doing twists we never see coming (though at some point it did become obvious that Stiles was possessed). Anyway, my theory is competing with Gerard, so I’d say both theories are even at this point.

        At least we know it isn’t Jackson. Scott would love having Jackson as the bad guy (again), but I don’t see him being smart enough to manipulate Kate Argent into opening up the vault so he can get to the money. And why would he do so in the first place?


      • I don’t think that Scott would want Jackson to be a villain again. I think they all made their peace with him and that’s it.
        But you’re right. The show is definitely good with surprising the viewers.


      • We may even get surprised and find out it’s neither of our theories, but some third person we never even considered. And when we find out, we’ll slap our heads and be like, “Oh, now I see how obvious it is!”


      • That’s also a good idea!
        I keep thinking back to when the nogitsune mentioned something about a coyote, a fox and a raven. Maybe he’s the raven – which in no way would explain why he didn’t burn. Buuuut then again, I also don’t see the apparent connection between foxes and electricity.
        Just like you said though, we’ll have to wait and see. Although, I doubt they’ll reveal it next week already … or rather this week, since it’ll be on Sunday for a change. I can’t wait!


      • Sure, you can go ahead and explain 🙂 I love to be enlightened. I’m sure there is some mythological explanation, I just don’t think it is very obvious.

        And yep, it’s a special screening on Sunday right before the VMAs start.


      • Cool! I’ll have to try and catch it somehow.

        Well, according to the Japanese religion of Shinto, almost everything found in nature–plants, animals, rocks, weather patterns, even humans and tools–are considered a kami, a nature spirit that is similar but at the same time very different to the Western concept of a god. Foxes are considered kami as well, and they’re quite revered as wise and powerful spirits that can be benevolent or mischievous tricksters (or occasionally pure evil).

        Kitsune fox spirits are said to live for hundreds of years and gain an extra tail for every century they live. At nine they’re supposed o become omniscient. They’re also supposed to be able to control certain elements, such as fire, water, air, earth, or lightning, as it’s their godly right to do so.

        So Kira is a kitsune like her mother, and maybe because of genetics she inherited the power of electricity rather than whatever her mother had.

        Makes sense?


      • Yes, thank you 🙂
        I remember now that I read this somewhere before, when I did some research about kitsunes an their more malevolent Korean and Chinese equivalents. I knew there was a mythological explanation!


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