First Look: Arrow Season 3

It’s that time of the year: Comic-Con in San Diego brings us all sorts of amazing teasers, trailers and sneak peeks for our favourite TV shows and movies. This post focuses on Arrow‘s First Look at season 3.

While I do think that the show itself had it’s ups and downs I was always drawn to the superhero-genre and couldn’t resist devouring the past two seasons of the show. I like what CW has done with the character of Arrow and think that they had a lot of luck with the amazing cast that they’ve managed to get together. The First Look that we got for the new season promises a lot of action, new villains and problems to conquer, more background on what happened to Oliver during the five years he was gone, Diggle and Oliver fighting and (for all Olicity fans like me) a lot of Felicity and Oliver interaction. But I swear I am going to freak out if you kill Felicity just when they seem to get together! I will quit watching the show! (No, I won’t … I might delay watching a few episodes to make a point, but that’s all …). Interestingly, we get to see Brandon Routh who’ll be playing Atom in the show. The only thing I am totally missing in this trailer is Thea.

What do you guys think of the little Sneak Peek we got? I for one, cannot wait for the next season and the start of Flash!

2 thoughts on “First Look: Arrow Season 3

  1. I lost you at Olicity.

    (whom I love, obviously).

    I am actually really nervous about it, probably because I don’t think the creators of the show ever thought about Olicity as endgame, and it just sorta developed this way. I feel like they are trying to balance what the audience wants with what they had in mind, and the result is torturing us.

    Also, really looking forward to The Flash.


    • Olicity definitely wasn’t something they planned, but I don’t think that Oliver and Laurel work as a couple. Barely anyone likes her and that’s bad for a potential romance with the lead. I am just a huge Felicity fan in general – I ship her with basically everyone hahaha

      Sometimes the characters that don’t already exist in the stuff that the show is based on work best! Do you watch BBC’s Sherlock? Because I adore Molly, and she is someone they created solely for the show, because she didn’t exist in any way in the books.


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