What’s to know about Caleb Ruminer?

A lot of people have found their way onto my blog, looking for information about Caleb Ruminer. And who can blame them? He’s definitely been one of the highlights on MTV’s Finding Carter portraying the bad boy CrashNow, I didn’t really talk about him in my Finding Carter post, I just mentioned his name and I felt bad that so many thought that they would find out more about him here. So, I started my own bit of research! There’s one thing I can tell you for sure: It’s really difficult to find out the tiniest bit of information about him! That guy is in a TV show, how come barely anyone knows anything about him? (Although it’s probably better for him to be able to still keep some privacy.)

So, as I said, I didn’t find out much. What I did find though, I am not so sure about it being accurate. Nonetheless, I’ll share my findings with you, but mind that the information might not be a 100% correct.

Name: Caleb Ruminer (obviously!)

Birthday: May 25, 1993.

Height: 6’3”

He’s from Cabot, Arkansas and he went to Cabot High School there.

Previous roles: Young John Henson in the episode “Like Father, Like Daugher” on the TV show Castle.

I got all of these infos from this website: http://www.exploretalent.com/calebruminer

Feel free to believe it or not! I would love to get a chance to actually interview the guy and find out more about him. I think it is a shame that the world knows so little about him, since the public definitely loves him. I cannot wait to see him in future TV shows and movies. I hope he has a great future ahead of him! If you want to stay updated on Caleb Ruminer’s activities, I think it is best if you follow his official Twitter account: https://twitter.com/CaleBruminer413

EDITED 9/4/2014

Morgan Acuff from syncweekly (an Arkansas based online magazine) has published a really interesting Q&A with Caleb. So, if you are interested in that, check out the link below! http://www.syncweekly.com/news/2014/sep/04/cabot-native-lands-recurring-role-mtv-series/

EDITED 4/2/2015

I just found this article in Talent Monthly about Caleb. It’s a really interesting interview, where he also talks about one of his recent projects “Lethal Seduction”. http://www.talentmonthly.com/online/2015/04/caleb-ruminer/

20 thoughts on “What’s to know about Caleb Ruminer?

  1. I went to high school with him! It’s crazy that he’s in movies and TV shows now. I want to be a horror movie director/writer. Hopefully I get to work with him soon. GO PANTHERS!

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