Step Up: All In

Dance. It’s so beautiful and powerful and also empowering. It is art and an expression of personality. I am in awe of everyone who is capable of controlling their own body to a point where he/she can make movement look deliberate and special. Therefore, there really shouldn’t be a surprise in me loving the Step Up franchise. I’ve watched every movie like a gazillion times and I am so happy that they made Step Up: All In.

Let’s face it, the plot of these movies is always fairly the same. On the one hand it’s a love story, and on the other hand our heroes have to prove their talent in same sort of final audition or dance battle. But the simplicity of the plot and the fact that you always know what you can expect from the film, is one of the reasons why I find them so very entertaining. I am never disappointed and they always manage to deliver, really, what more can one ask for?

While Step Up: All In, the fifth instalment in the Step Up Series, follows the general guidelines of the previous parts, it also pleasently surprised me by addressing the issue of making a living through dancing. While I understand everyone’s passion and enthusiasm for dancing, it is very difficult to actually make money in the business. So far, this issue wasn’t really a big part of the series and I am happy that they dealt with it now. Also, I loved it that there were so many familiar faces to see again. Take a look at the trailer here and see who you can make out in the blur of faces!

Here’s a little fact sheet of Step Up: All In:

Genre: Drama/Music/Dance/Romance

Length: 112 minutes

Cast: Ryan Guzman, Briana Evigan, Adam Sevani, Alyson Stoner, Misha Gabriel, Izabella Miko, Mari Koda, Martín Lombard, Facundo Lombard, Christopher Scott, Stephen “tWitch” Boss, Luis Rosado, Chadd Smith, Parris Goebel, Stephen “Stevo” Jones, David “Kid David” Shreibman, Celestina Aladekoba, …

Choreographers: Dondraco Johnson, Christopher Scott, Jamal Sims

I’d really advise you to watch all five movies that are available as of now. They are fun and make you want to learn how to dance. Also, it is so much greater to watch, if you recognise some of the faces from previous movies. I still can’t believe that I first saw Channing Tatum and his now wife Jenna Dewan-Tatum in the first Step Up movie and where they are now. I hope the career of many of the dancers and actors will pick up after these movies as well.

Have you watched the new movie? Any of the older parts? What do you think? Do you dance yourself?

12 thoughts on “Step Up: All In

    • Although I feel flattered that someone would want to interview, me I can’t actually see what you would want to talk about. Maybe you could explain your request a little more; you can find my e-mail address in the Contact Information section.


  1. I watched all of the Step Up movies until now (and generally probably all dance movies out there), but for whatever reason haven’t gotten into watching this one yet – maybe because when I watched the trailer it looked like they didn’t even pretend to bother with a plot now. How is the movie compared to the older ones?


    • Well, the plot is sort of always the same … they need to get their act together to win a competition and in the end they do.
      It’s definitely not one of my favourite parts. The romance was just so weird, because in my head I still saw them with the people they were dating in the movies before. Moose and his storyline is great though – he’s always been one of the characters I liked most.The dancing is also spectacular, but I felt like there weren’t so many songs that stuck with me like in the movies before. Don’t get me wrong, it was enjoyable, but I already liked Step Up 1-3 a lot more than Step Up 4.


      • I suppose I will try it when I need to turn off my brain, then. I get what you are saying about the romance, because for some of them I was kinda invested in their previous romances earlier on. I love Moose as well though so I am glad he has a good storyline.

        Interesting about the music — I think I mostly still have songs from the first movie on my iPod, need to check on that. Didn’t even look at the tracklist for the latest film yet which I usually do (add to the list of how geeky I am – soundtrack addiction).

        I though the choreography in Step Up 4 was amazing, but I was already having a much harder time caring about the characters than I did in the first movies.


      • Pretty much all the music I download or buy as an actual CD is some sort of soundtrack! Totally addicted as well! My friends always wonder where I get those strange songs and bands from and I just answer with some sort of movie or TV show.


      • It’s such a great way to get to know composers and musicians. Many times TV shows will look for unknown artists because they can’t really afford the rights for well known songs. There are so many acts I now love that I discovered through TV shows (yes, Lumineers, I am looking at you).


      • That’s exactly my point as well!

        Did you get to know the Lumineers through Reign? Because my radio station played them up and down before I even heard of the show, but I finally really got into their music because of Reign.


      • No, through Covert Affairs. I actually still need to catch up on Reign. Watched the first few episodes and then never really found the time for it. I’ll definitely do a proper catch up at some point though.


      • Oh Covert Affairs is really good as well. Haven’t watched it in what feels like forever though. I used to be very obsessed with, while I lived abroad for a couple of months, but lost interest in it when I got back home ….

        I enjoyed Reign a lot at the beginning, but I stopped watching it at some point. Guess it just wasn’t for me after all.


      • I was addicted for a while, and then they killed off a character I loved and Annie and him were one of my favorite ships in recent years, so I stopped watching it. Then when the last season started I caught up on the season and a bit I missed and got back into it. Glad I did – it was a great season – possibly one of my favorites so far.


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