Journey to the Center of the Dalek

Here we go again! Ahead there are Spoilers for Doctor Who‘s Into the Dalek, so, consider yourself warned!

So, last weeks start of Series 8 made me instantly recognise Peter Capaldi as the Doctor, but I wasn’t yet sure what sort of man he would be, and I think that Into the Dalek gave us an impression of what we can expect from him throughout the season. Although it wasn’t a terrible episode, it also wasn’t my favourite. Just like last time, I’m going to summarise my thoughts in a couple of points, but maybe a little less detailed than I did for Deep Breath:

  • “Am I a good man?” – what a question and such a difficult one to answer. I would have said the same as Clara, because I simply don’t know. I am still not sure how to feel about him, because people died and he didn’t even get angry, he just accepted it. Did I imagine that? Because I know that he has compession and that he feels for all creatures in the universe (except for maybe Daleks – we always knew that the Doctor’s hate for the Daleks was rooted deep inside him, but this time it took on new extremes). And then when Journey Blue asked if she could come with him, he simply denied her – I felt really sorry for her.
  • The Daleks weren’t really that scary to me … at least not in the past seasons, but I really enjoyed them this episode (although they still aren’t scary). I guess I like the idea, that there is a slight chance that a Dalek can be good.
  • Danny Pink – what shall I say? I like him, or rather, I am intrigued by him. There’s definitely going to be a conflict between the Doctor and Danny, because he was a soldier and I can’t wait for that to unravel. Also, I want to know more about his past and last but not least I think it’s cute how nervous he is about Clara. I wonder what’s up with the ladykiller business though …
  • I was always mad that we didn’t get to see how Clara became a teacher. From one episode to the next, she just worked at a school – I didn’t even know she wanted to be a teacher. Just because she liked children, doesn’t mean she wants to work with them in school, but enough of my rambling – I am just glad that we get to see more of her everyday life. Tiny bits, but still something.
  • Okay, I need to know what’s up with Missy and Heaven/Paradise or whatever the place is called! There better be a good explanation to all of that.

I’m really looking forward to next week, because although I am not always happy with the episodes, I’m also barely ever disappointed. Next week we’ll get a look at Robin Hood, so that sounds interesting. What did you think of Into the Dalek?

5 thoughts on “Journey to the Center of the Dalek

  1. I thought that it wasn’t the best episode either, and that the Daleks weren’t as scary as they could be. Still, it wasn’t a terrible episode. Maybe a 3.5 out of 5. And I think we’re going to be seeing a lot of the Doctor struggling with morality and good and evil. It should be interesting to see him develop.


    • I hope we’ll be seeing more of the Doctor’s dillema with morality – I find it extremley interesting.
      What was your first impression of Danny Pink?
      Have you noticed that the episode titles were quite literal so far? I really want some new villains to appear, but if I can expect robots from the next episode as I would guess from “Robots of Sherwood” I am not really that impressed.


      • I think everybody expected him to be a sort of Mickey, but that really wasn’t my first impression of him. I think he’ll have an interesting backstory and quite the conflict with the Doctor.
        Rusty should definitely appear again! I want to know if he kept on exterminating Daleks.


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