Teen Wolf Season 4 Finale and the Non-Existent Revelations

So, the finale of Teen Wolf‘s 4th season was pretty badass, yet also a little disappointing for me. Let’s face it, I didn’t enjoy this season as much as I liked season 3B. A lot went on and we met some great new characters, which I’m really grateful for, because I love Deputy Parrish (although he was in season 3B as well) and Liam, seen as he is a great addition to the pack, but somehow it just didn’t come together as nicely as I hoped it would. I hope I don’t actually have to tell you that the following post consists of Spoilers for the finale!

Here we go with the things I did like about the finale:

  • Derek evolved! Everyone thought he was one of the candidates to die this season, and it pretty much looked like he did, but instead he evolved. I don’t know what exactly this evolution means, but it looks like he can shift to a real wolf now, just like his mother could.
  • Liam can control himself! I really like Liam and I very much enjoyed to see him deal with the struggles of controlling his anger and his fear. I am glad the mantra helped and I always prefered “The Sun, the Moon, the Truth” over the “Alpha, Beta, Omega” anyway. So, you go Liam!
  • Scott showed that he’s a True Alpha! We’ve known for a while now that Peter instigated that whole Benefactor thing and he deserved punishment for his actions. I am glad Scott rose up to the occasion and defended his pack. Also, I am so glad he could break this Berserker bond or whatever I am supposed to call it.
  • I loved the Stiles-Malia-Sheriff Stilinski-group-hug! People still want Stiles and Lydia to get together, but I like Stalia and that was such a lovely scene. Although, Peter was a terrible dad to her, she still has a family of sorts now.
  • Mason now has an idea of what’s going on with Liam. He still doesn’t know everything, but I think the finale opened the door for everyone to tell him about the supernatural world. We’ll see how he’ll adjust to all of that, but he coped pretty well with the Berserker.

So, that was actually more than I thought I would like. Here are the things I disliked:

  • I am mad and disappointed that we still don’t know what Deputy Parrish is! There was a whole Twitter campaign, where fans were supposed to guess his supernatural origin with #WhatIsParrish before the big reveal in the finale. Well, there was no reveal! I still have no idea; it could be anything from a fire kitsune, phoenix, dragon, fire salamander, jinn to a chimera. I am too freaking impatient to wait months and months before I get to know …
  • We don’t know who the Desert Wolf is! I didn’t actually expect them to tell us. You have to keep some secrets for the new (extended) season. Nonetheless, I wanted a hint. I just can’t deal with not knowing things.
  • Chris Argent left with the Calaveras! He barely got back from Europe (or wherever he went after Allison’s death) and now he’s leaving again for who knows how long. I always liked Chris Argent and I know it is important for him to find Kate, but he won’t actually ever kill her (as we’ve seen in the finale – but seriously, who can blame him? She’s his sister after all!). Also, how did he survive getting stabbed in the stomach? He lost so much blood and that must have hurt like hell! Nevermind, the healing qualities of all of Teen Wolf’s characters are insane, even those of the humans.
  • There was a huge fight and everything, but I just didn’t get a feeling of closure, like I usually do at the end of a season. I feel there is still something missing, but I’m probably just not able to accept that it ended so quickly.

Enough ranting for one day. What was your opinion of the season finale? Are you looking forward to the next season or hoping that the show will soon come to its final installment?


10 thoughts on “Teen Wolf Season 4 Finale and the Non-Existent Revelations

  1. Yeah, season 3 was definitely better than season 4, but it was still good. And I bet you the 3rd-eye dude is going to be figuring in the next season. Also, I’m placing my money on Parrish being a dragon or something similar. Should be exciting.


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