Trouble Has a New Name

… or should I say troubles? Because with the start of Season 5 of Haven, the Troubles have returned as well. For all of you who have no idea what Haven is, I suggest that you take a look at a previous post of mine. (Click here to be redirected) Other than that, I just want to clarify that the following post will include several Spoilers for the first episode of the season, named “See No Evil“!

So, last season they definitely went out with a bang and a huge cliffhanger. As a bit of a reminder, here’s what happened at the end of Season 4: Everyone who’s important made it to the basement of the lighthouse, where Jennifer managed to open a mysterious gate. They succeded with trapping William behind the gate, but seemingly unleashed even more evil. Now jump to the beginning of Season 5.

We continue right where we left off and it’s all very weird, considering that there have been months since I’ve last watched an episode of the show. It’s pretty easy to get right back into it, but I am just not as happy as I used to be. Sometime after Season 3, the show has lost a bit of its appeal to me, but I was still willing to try Season 5. Let’s face it, I can’t deal with cliffhangers, so I had to continue watching. Here are my thoughts about “See No Evil”:

  • Emily Rose is a very convincing Mara! I am really happy that there was no need for those aweful wigs in the past seasons, because they definitely distracted me from her actual acting. I have no idea what exactly her plan is or how they’re going to bring Audrey back, which directly leads me to my next point!
  • Poor Nathan! He finds his love, she’s taken from him, he finds her again and the vicious circle just continues. If I were him, I would have definitely reached a point where I would give up by now. Also, Mara shot him … not sure how he’s just going to be fine in the next episode.
  • Duke is seriously pissed, because of Mara and because he can’t find Jennifer. I get his anger, but I don’t get how he has no faith in Audrey left. Yes, I know, I just said I reached a point where I would give up on her, but I was never Audrey’s best friend and almost-lover like Duke was. There should be a difference.
  • So, Jennifer is nowhere to be found and if I can trust Wikipedia (which I am never sure I can) she won’t return. That better not be true! She can’t just vanish!
  • Gloria seems to play a bigger part this season, which could be fun.
  • We have a new cast member! It’s Laura Mannell, who’ll be playing Charlotte Cross from now on. She seems interesting at least she has quite the fascinacting trouble.
  • Overall, I wasn’t very impressed with the start of this season. Yes, a lot was happening, but it felt more like an episode in the middle of the season instead of a brilliant take-off. I can see where they intend to go, because this is an extended season and they have more time for plot and character development, but somehow it just doesn’t fit right.

I will continue to watch this season, mostly out of curiosity where all of this will go. Honestly, I don’t have much of an idea after the Season 5 teaser. What do you guys think?


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