Glue: A Fall Review

The USA is not the only country with new shows this Fall Season (obviously!), but I wanted to stay in the realm of English speaking television, so I checked out E4‘s new original British teen drama Glue! (FYI: I tried to keep this as spoiler-free as possible!)

From the trailer I guessed that Glue would be an intense, possibly dark and definitely strange show – I can now say that I was right! I heard some people call it a mix between Skins and a teen Broadchurch, which I also find quite accurate for what I watched during yesterday’s pilot episode, but I still cannot entirely make up my mind about what to think.

The show starts off by showing us a group of friends and all the fun they are having, but soon turns into something darker when the body of one of their own is found dead under a tractor. So, they try to solve the murder of one of their best friends, which makes it sound like a crime show, although it’s not. The focus isn’t on the investigation, but rather on the relationships between all the involved people. There are some gorgeous shots of the countryside, paired with great young (and to me, mostly unknown) actors and actresses such as: Jordan Stephens (who is part of one of my favourite bands – Rizzle Kicks), Callum Turner, Yasmin Paige, Billy Howle, Charlotte Spencer, Faye Marsay, Jessie Cave, Tommy Knight, Tommy McDonnell and many more.

Let’s just begin by saying that the show features a lot of nudity, sex, drugs and death in the first episode, so this definitely isn’t for everyone. Yet, all of this should in no way mean that that’s a bad thing, because it’s not. It is shocking, but in a good way. I don’t have any clue as to who could be the murderer – which is always good – and I feel intrigued by it. The characters all have their secrets and it is generally very tempting to see where all of this will go, but it seems like a very heavy show. I personally prefer shows that have a dark theme, but brighten up every so often, which it just didn’t feel like in this one. I could see opinions really differ on this show, which finally brings me to the point where I would say, it is definitely worth checking out, but I doubt that it will be a mainstream success.

Have you watched it? I am happy to discuss in the comments!

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