Let’s Rob a Bank Together!

Another week, another Doctor Who episode and this time it was “Time Heist“. Beware of the Spoilers ahead and don’t hesitate to discuss your thoughts with me afterwards.

So, where to start … I’m having a bit of a difficult time reviewing this episode because usually I am very passionate when it comes to Doctor Who, but tonight I felt a little indifferent about it all. The thing is, I don’t understand why! Time Heist had an adventurous storyline, great characters, an interesting monster and the Doctor saving the day – there really isn’t much to complain about, is there? Let’s go through some of my thoughts and see what I can come up with:

  • We’ve had those “monsters” before – the last of their kind, that do seemingly terrible things, but aren’t that terrible at all. Sometimes they just don’t want to be alone … (remember “Hide“, “The God Complex” and “The Beast Below“? Just to name some recent examples for similar cases). Nonetheless, I don’t think those stories ever get old. They’re kind of cute in my opinion and the Teller was a really interesting creature.
  • I really liked Psi and Saibra … although, I liked Psi a little more. I was extremely happy to see that they weren’t dead and although we didn’t actually find out much about them, they seemed intriguing to me. So, in conclusion they were great side characters and I really wouldn’t mind if we met them again somewhere along the way.
  • The Doctor was the hero of the day! Don’t get me wrong, I know that he is very often. But lately, it often seemed like Clara was the one saving the day, so I am glad to see the Doctor at his best. The only thing I can’t get over, is how easily he accepts it when someone dies. In the end they didn’t die, but still … well, but then again Saibra called him a good man.
  • Memory worms are always fun!
  • The woman from the shop was briefly mentioned again. Still want to know who that is!

All in all it wasn’t a bad episode, but I am much more looking forward to next weeks “The Caretaker“. Danny and the Doctor will finally meet and Clara has to deal with her divided life. I love it already! What is your opinion of the “Time Heist“?

11 thoughts on “Let’s Rob a Bank Together!

  1. This might be the first episode where I don’t have much to complain about. Well, maybe the Doctor’s a bit too stoic when people die or things go wrong, but I think I can live with that after a while. And for once, this episode hit all the right notes. I look forward to next week’s episode.


  2. My problem with the episode is that the plot was such a closed loop, that the whole thing kind of felt irrelevant. The Doctor at the end of the episode basically goes back and sets up the whole plot for himself. This was very funny in the first “Bill and Ted” movie but it’s perhaps not the best plot device for a “Doctor Who” episode… also, I spent most of the episode thinking that Ms. Delphox was actually Missy, especially after the Doctor gave his phone number to Karabraxos… but, no, it was just Keeley Hawes playing the Missy-looking character, so we still haven’t solved the mystery of who gave Clara his number… so, yeah, by the end of the story, as much as I enjoyed the individual moments, it was all kind of “So?” for me.


    • That actually very much reflects what I thought. Also, you are definitely not the only one who thought that she looked like Missy! I’ve read comments about that all over the internet.
      I know that Moffat wants to reveal everything in the finale, but I really wish that we’d get a little more information or hints before that. I’m really impatient … I need to know who the woman in the shop was.


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