Fall Review: Gotham & Scorpion

I can barely keep up with all the new shows that are released this season. There is a lot that I want to watch, although I am not sure all of them will survive until next year. This particular post focuses on CBSScorpion and FOX’s Gotham. Again there are very few to no Spoilers in the review, but the Trailers give away a lot (at least for the pilot episode)!


So, Scorpion didn’t get the best of reception from what I could tell, but I actually liked it. As you could see in the “First Look”-Trailer it is inspired by true events and the main character Walter O’Brien really exists (although he is not nearly as handsome as Elyes Gabel, but real people never look as good as actors and actresses). I have no idea how much of Walter’s story is real, but I did find out that he worked with the Hacker name “Scorpion”, so that’s why the show is called that way.

It is true that some of the characters are a little too polished and maybe even stereotypical, but I nonetheless found it entertaining. Alright, so it needs some work, but the show has a great cast (next to Elyes Gabel we have: Katharine McPhee, Jadyn Wong, Eddie Kaye Thomas, Robert Patrick, Ari Stidham, …) and I think it shows promise. I like premises about socially inept people, packed with a ton of action and even a bit of humour. Unfortunately, all that doesn’t change the fact that I think this show will probably have a difficult time getting renewed. I guess we’ll have to see how it develops throughout the season.


When I think of Batman and Gotham, I usually picture Gary Oldman as Commissioner Gordon and Michael Caine as Alfred. They are ingrained in my mind, but Ben McKenzie might just be able to change my view of James Gordon. I absolutely loved the first episode of the show. If you are truly interested in the origin stories of several villains and vigilantes from the Batman-stories (Catwoman, Poison Ivy, the Penguin, the Riddler …) as well as James Gordon’s background, you should not miss the show. It all starts with the murder of the Wayne family, with a brilliant young Bruce Wayne (David Mazouz), and from then on the city just goes on a downward spiral.

I’ll admit that I am usually preferential to Marvel adaptations, but lately the DC TV shows are really killing it. Gotham was intense and they somehow managed to pull me into that dark universe right from the beginning. I can’t wait for Arrow and the Flash to continue/start and Gotham is definitely going to make the wait easier. Other cast members of the show include: Donal Logue, Sean Pertwee, Robin Lord Taylor, Erin Richards, Jada Pinkett Smith, Cory Michael Smith and many more.

What do you think of the two new shows? Did you watch them?

2 thoughts on “Fall Review: Gotham & Scorpion

  1. I finally got to see the “Gotham” premiere last night. As someone who lives in NYC, I love the fact that “Gotham” is made here and that they’ve made no real effort to disguise that Gotham is just NYC under a different name. They even filmed a scene on the same Manhattan courthouse steps that “Law & Order” has made famous for the past 25 years, as well as finding some interesting visuals in the outer boroughs.

    The acting (apart from Jada Pinkett Smith) was pretty fabulous. Donal Logue was awesome, and Sean Pertwee (who is now the same age as his dad was when his dad became Dr Who, and looks JUST like him) also stole the show. I also like the Riddler showing up as the GCPD lab tech.

    Visually, Gotham wasn’t too far off the Christopher Nolan movies, and looked better than the Tim Burton/Joel Schumacher stuff (not to mention the LA-based 1960s series, where Gotham was nothing but warehouses, alleys, and movie star/athlete cameos).

    There were some slow spots in the first episode, but on the whole, it left me quite excited for the rest of the season.


    • It’s really visually very well done! I love shows that have that cinematic look to them, but I didn’t realise how many resemblances it actually has with New York.

      Jada Pinkett Smith definitely isn’t on my list of actors and actresses I like. It’s a good thing we don’t actually have to like her as Fish Mooney.
      The Riddler was great! I loved his face when Gordon answered his riddle without even thinking much about it. I am quite interested in seeing more of Catwoman and Poison Ivy … I wonder how they are going to work as kid-characters.

      I’m glad it looks more like Nolan’s era than all the others. There were some seriously misguided judgments involved concerning the colour and style in some of the older Batman movies.

      Overall, it could’ve been a lot worse. I’m looking forward to the upcoming episodes.


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