Our Girl Part III

Sorry for the little delay, but how great is it that Captain James was trending last night on Twitter? Well, here we go with my review of Episode 3 of Our Girl. Beware of Spoilers!

This week, Molly got to go home and take a little time to rest and recuperate. Yet, she didn’t really feel at home, missing her platoon and especially her Captain. However, she didn’t spend her holidays alone, but rather with her mate Smurf, because he is one of the few people who understands how she feels. Again, a brilliant episode! I love this show so much and which it would go on forever, instead of ending so soon. Here are my specific thoughts about this week:

  • I loved how we got to see both, Molly all integrated in her platoon, seeing them as her family and Molly at home, struggling to fit in with the people she loves. She is such a great character and I am happy that we got to see her “old” life back in England. (Although everyone who watched the prequel movie should already know those people!)
  • Although Captain James acted a little out of character this episode, I adore the man! I can’t get enough of him and Dawes and the fact that he was jealous of her and Smurf just proves how much he cares for her.
  • Smurf is one of those people I am always torn about. On the one hand, I don’t share his basic view of the world, but on the other hand, I often feel really sorry for him. Also, I think that his feelings are very confused and that he only thinks he is in love with Molly. I can’t picture her and Smurf as a couple, but I also believe that she doesn’t always discourage him in his feelings the way she should. Yes, she’s often told him that he’s only a mate and he should have gotten it by now, but sometimes she really makes it hard for him to understand.
  • At one point, I felt a little like in a Nespresso commerical. Which felt nice and fancy, so, no judgment there, I am just saying …
  • Things in general seem to get more intense now! With the Taliban wanting Molly dead and Barisha in danger as well, the next episode will definitely have a lot going on.

I know this was a rather short review, but  I can’t just go on about how perfect Molly and James are without ever even having kissed. I need to stop at some point, but let me tell you that I am 100% hooked on this show and I need to know how it continues! Love to hear your thoughts in the comment section!

14 thoughts on “Our Girl Part III

    • Basically, we had a character walking into a Nespresso store, as she went there to buy some capsules following a request from a very hot guy she is in love with.

      It was a really pretty store, though. But it’s easy for me to say, I am actually immune to this particular commercial: I don’t drink coffee.


  1. Great, here’s me not starting my work day for another half an hour. Thanks for that!

    This is going to be long. I do apologize.

    * I think the comparison of her life with her platoon (her surrogate family) and with her actual family was really well done. I don’t think she ever felt really connected to her family to begin with, even though she does love them, and as hard as it was for her to settle back in to that, I think the army also gave her the strength to be alright with who she is in relation to them, which she didn’t have before.

    * I was wondering how that “come back to me” line will play out. It did feel a bit too much out of character, but I think they made a good attempt to balance that by having a good build up to have him in a place when he’ll lose his cool enough to blurt out something like that. Plus they made sure we see his struggle with the fact it really is out of his character and we can see on his face that he knows it too. What I like about the two of them together is that while they really do challenge everything they thought they knew about themselves (and are changing accordingly) you don’t get the impression that it will come in the way. While Molly definitely had a hard time believing someone like him can want her and is aware of the differences between them and what different worlds they come from, I don’t think she’s daunted by that. She’s now a lot more confident in her ability to grow and change and progress.

    * Oh, Smurf. He’s going to be so heart broken to find out that out of all people, it’s James that is killing his chances with Molly. On the other hand, he looks up to him so much, he might even understand her choice. Who knows. I agree with you that she didn’t always discourage him enough, but as they shared this playful/insulting banter from so early on, and in addition the fact she’s really not used to being wanted, she just doesn’t get it until it’s staring at her face. On the other hand, continuing on what I said last week about Smurf not seeing what is going on between Molly and James, that this week proved it – he basically believes that her issue with him is that they are serving together, not that there is someone else.

    * Well, it probably was a Nespresso commercial. While I am not a fan of product placement, I do understand how important it these days for artists to be able to fund their work. If I am going to see commercials no matter what, I prefer to at least get some good cultural products in return. And for what it’s worth, I thought they at least used the need to do that product placement really well in the story – both in the interaction with James and her own experience of walking into that store and getting a glimpse of how different her life outside the army is from his. And I do have to admit that I actually prefer seeing an actual product than when they use fake products or hide the names.

    * Drama! The last few minutes of the episode were pushing the realistic envelope a bit too much. But I do understand that when you have only 5 episodes, you really have to make it as personal and involving as you possibly can. I found it interesting that even with her outspoken and disobeying nature she still needed a very real life/death moment to be able to say something to him about how she felt. I also think that the writers are quite clever in the way they depict all of the times she did something she wasn’t really supposed to do as a soldier. I know it bugs a lot of people that a “soldier wouldn’t really do that”, but they still came up with those situations where it’s perfectly possible for her do do something as unthinkable as that and actually not get punished for that later…


    • I don’t mind long comments at all, but I don’t want to get you in trouble at work.

      Now, my answer to all the points:
      *You’re right about Molly and her family. I started watching the movie, but got interrupted (will finish it soon though!) and I definitely got the feeling she didn’t really belong with them. At least not anymore …

      *I was waiting forever for the “Nothing is stronger than army regulations” remark from James! All this time, I wondered when they’d put that in and I think it’s really good that he struggles with his feelings for Molly. First of all it makes it more realistic to me and second, it adds more to the drama.

      *Okay, yes, Smurf really is oblivious. But I think it might hurt him even more that his big idol is “stealing” his girl. I am not sure he thinks rationally enough to understand the situation correctly.

      *I felt as if Molly was about to tattoo “Rosabaya” on her arm, just because James wrote it hahaha but yes, they found a great way to integrate it in the story and not make it seem too out of place.

      *They’re really turning up the drama, aren’t they? It gets me excited, but I am also scared that it will get too action-movie like. I just hope they’ll still manage to keep the right balance, between all the things that make the show so great.


      • I’m self-employed. My boss is evil, but I think I can trick her 😛

        Yes, I think you are right about Smurf. Despite his loss and experience in Afghanistan, I don’t feel he has grown or changed yet. Since change seems to be the theme of this show, I’m sure it’s in the cards. We see a lot of small things in earlier episodes getting referred to later on (blister checkups, might gonna – loved that one, by the way!) and I am sure that the “I’m there for you” bit was more than just to show us he’s developing feelings for her (and her inability to believe someone would care about her). So I expect the last two episodes to have Smurf tested, he will have to show that he’s there for her, and to prove his worth to Captain James.

        I actually want it to have a lot of action. It is the military and they are in a war zone. Since we know there will be a lot of emotional stuff going on, I think they will need quite a few edge-of-your-seat sequences to balance that. Yesterday’s episode was lacking in that – not saying that as a bad thing, but I think that once they gave more room for the character and emotional development, they will have to put some other things back in upcoming episodes.

        Also, my favorite bit of James/Molly was actually the part when he walked on her when she was drying her hair.


      • Smurf will have to change one way or the other and I just hope that he ruins everything in his surrounding by choosing the wrong path. I could see him have a very destructive nature.

        My favourite Jawes part was the end scene, but the look on his face when he walks in on her drying her hair – brilliant! Ben Aldridge became one of my favourite actors soooo fast!

        It’s not that I don’t want any action in it, I just don’t want it to be solely about the action. I want it all to have a healthy balance.


      • I have no idea what message I am replying to anymore. Oh well.

        I agree he is a bit self destructive, but I think that the general notion of this series is towards redemption. He already screwed up once by being self destructive and then putting everyone, especially Molly, at risk. I don’t know if he will do something like that again – although his reaction to the AWOL thing was a bit worrying, he’s very hotblooded. But eventually he will redeem himself, somehow.

        I am struggling with the end scene because the moments preceding the beautiful Jawes moment were slightly over the top. And I really do enjoy seeing the authoritative know-it-all James so unsure of himself.

        Oh, in that case, you’ve got nothing to worry about. I would be more worried about not having enough action than having too much action. Looks like Tony Grounds is pretty big on the emotion thing.


      • I understand what you mean by the scenes that came before the heart-warming Jawes moment. They seemed very instigated and over the top.

        I guess we’ll have to wait and see what happens with Smurf.


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