Fall Review: The Flash

Now, I’ve been looking forward to this for a very long time. I know that the pilot episode of the Flash has been leaked months ago, but I wanted to wait until it actually aired on TV, just to have a shorter period until the next episode. This review will contain Spoilers as I am just going to share my general thoughts, feelings and questions about the pilot episode with you!

So, let’s start with the basics! The Flash is a superhero from the DC universe and therefore the show is about the same guy, Barry Allen, who got struck by lightning, which in turn gave him the power of super-speed. Not only is he incredibly fast, but he can also heal quicker than normal humans. The cast consists of Grant Gustin, Candice Patton, Rick Cosnett, Danielle Panabaker, Carlos Valdes, Tom Cavanagh, Jesse L. Martin and Patrick Sabongui.

Basically, the first episode was just a nice introduction to all the characters and helped establish the universe we’ll be in for the rest of the season/show. I think they did all that quite well, but it was a little repetitive for people who’ve already seen Barry on Arrow. I guess you can’t just assume that everyone who watches the Flash has seen Arrow though. But here are my more specific thoughts on the events of this episode:

  • I like the basic concept of the show and that’s always good. It has a lot of humour (“Run Barry, Run!” and “Lightning gave me abs?” anyone?), heroes and villains and all the people inbetween.
  • I’m not a huge fan of Iris to be honest. Maybe it’s because she brotherzoned the adorable Grant Gustin as Barry … or it could be because I’m a huge Felicity Smoak fan and I ship her with everyone. (Well, I’m preferential towards team Olicity, but she was still very cute with Barry.) But I don’t know how exactly I feel about Iris just yet. I’m getting somewhat of a Laurel (from Arrow)-vibe from her and that’s definitely nothing positive.
  • It’s always funny to see CW actors and actresses appear in a show after they’ve died in another. All through the episode I was wondering where I knew the guy who plays Eddie (Rick Cosnett) from, until it dawned on me that he was also on the Vampire Diaries.  I actually like it when the same actors/actresses appear on the network more than once, but I always need a little time to assess how I should feel about them now and if they play a similar character as they did before.
  • I was really happy about the short cameo of Oliver Queen/Arrow/Stephen Amell. I’m really hoping for a real crossover episode soon!
  • While the first episode was definitely exciting, it also opened the discussion for several questions: Who was the man that killed Barry’s mum? Was it maybe even Barry himself? Are we going to learn more about Caitlin Snow’s (this so feels like a Game of Thrones kind of name) dead fiance? Can Harrison Wells still walk, or can he just walk in this special room? Can Wells see into the future? Who else has superpowers now and what powers are there? So much to think about!

All in all, I was happy with the pilot and am looking forward to the rest of the season. What are your thoughts so far?

20 thoughts on “Fall Review: The Flash

    • Sorry I didn’t answer earlier! Yes, I liked it, although it felt a little repetitive to me, because of the backdoor pilot we had on Arrow. All in all, I thought it was very funny and am looking forward to the rest of the season.


      • Just saw The Flash and loved it! I think they establish the series quite well and I was actually glad that they showed a bit of Barry before the lightning. Loved his dad (original Flash!) and I’m super curious about who murdered his mom… the figure kind of gave the vibe of being Barry himself… but surely not, right?!

        What’s up with Harrison? I have to be honest, I find his face disohonest, so when he got into the special room, I thought “ahah, he’s the bad guy!”, but then I wasn’t so sure… he looked at Barry’s photo with sort of kind eyes, so the jury is still out on that one.

        Not convinced about Iris either, but kind of see more potential in her than Laurel (which isn’t that hard!). But let Felicity with Arrow, because she just can’t leave him… I wouldn’t mind if they somehow explored the Barry/Caitlin thing… just saying… she might be interesting enough.

        still not sure if I like the pretty detective either… we’ll see.

        Iris father, though, I liked. I guess they do know how to pick their cops for these shows. and I’m glad that they didn’t made it a secret between the both of them.

        I cried a lot, when Barry went to see his dad I just couldn’t stop. It’s funny, sweet and with a lot of action! =D


      • I read somewhere that the Flash once went so fast, he traveled in time. I think there is definitely more to the murder story than we think right now, but I could never picture Barry killing his mother.

        Harrison is one of those people I have absolutely no clue about! I got a bad vibe from him as well when he went in the room, but I think he actually cares about Barry. But I guess we’ll find out at some point what’s up with him.

        I could see a potential Barry and Caitlin story as well! But she would definitely have to warm up a little. However, I did see another Felicity/Barry kiss in the trailer for the rest of the season. Let’s say that I could see him with many other people than Iris. Maybe I am totally misjudging her after seeing just one episode, but that my first impression of her wasn’t that glorious.

        The scene between Barry and his father was heartbreaking! Love the show and can’t wait for more!

        Did you watch Arrow yet?


      • It’s always complicated when they introduce these love interests that are more interested in other people… maybe if they had showed us some more of Iris worrying about him and at the hospital, she would have left a better impression…

        well, he can kiss Felicity all he wants, and just want them both to be as happy as they can, they are so damn sweet.

        Caitlin is bound to warm up a bit, eventually she’ll open up about stuff… I just kind saw a click there…

        I’ll leave Arrow for tomorrow night (my heart can’t handle both of them today!) – It’s the beginning of October and I’m already having a hard time catching up to all the shows… glad the weekend is coming though


      • Yeah, the only time I really saw an inkling of what Iris might feel for Barry was when he turned up at the cafe she works at after he woke up from the coma. Her reaction was perfect then.

        I want them to be happy too!

        I’d really like to find out about Caitlin’s fiance … no idea why.

        You’ll have to read my review of the first episode of the season after you’ve watched Arrow. I’d love to hear whether you agree with me or not!


      • I’ll do that!

        Just read that her fiance will be making an appearance later this season, as his alter ego: Firestorm… played by Robbie Amell… that should be fun.

        Also, the man that killed his mom is not Barry (relief!) 🙂


      • Okay that really is a major relief!

        Robbie Amell! Interesting! I was hoping that Tomorrow People would work out for him, just so that the Amell cousins would have their own evening on TV, but I didn’t like the show that much. Happy to see that he’s now a periphery part of the Arrow universe.


      • That is unfortunately true … but still glad Caitlin is going to get an episode that will probably center around her and we might get flashbacks to when she was happy with her fiance.


      • really hope so, can’t wait to watch the rest of the season – it’s one thing that makes me glad that I watched the 2 seasons of Arrow in a few days in the summer… no waiting time!


  1. I really really enjoyed it! I thought they had a lighter tone than Arrow, which is a good contrast, despite both existing in the same universe. I, also, had the predicament of being an Olicity person and yet wishing she’d come into the show, and remind Barry she’s much better than Iris. I thought they did the introduction interesting enough even for people who did watch the backdoor pilot in Arrow last year, and did well to set up several long-term storylines very early on. I thought the Oliver bit was a bit too forced, but I get why they did that, and I will never ever complain about having more Oliver time.

    And worry not: we will have a proper crossover. As well as familiar faces visiting at random times like last night’s episode.

    Now, time for tonight’s Arrow!


    • I like the lighter tone as well! The show seemed to have a good set up and I’m really looking forward to the next episodes. I know what you mean by saying the Oliver bit was forced, but I ignored it and was just happy to have him back on screen.

      Also, I watched the “What’s to come”-promo and I saw Felicity and was happy. Did you like Iris?


      • I thought Iris was a bit annoying at times, but I thought she was written rather well and liked her dialogues with Barry. But mind you, I had to suffer Laurel in this particular universe for 2 years now, so Iris has some ways to go to become *that* annoying and/or useless.


      • You’re right about Laurel having a real head start concerning me disliking her. Iris is definitely not as bad as Laurel, but I didn’t have the most positive opinion of her after the first episode.


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