Arrow Season 3 Premiere

Arrow has returned and I was just as excited about it (maybe even more) as I was about the premiere of the Flash. So, this is my review of the first episode of Season 3 of Arrow – beware of Spoilers!

I’m a little torn about this episode, not because it was bad or anything like that, but because it was a roller coaster for my feelings. We start right back in Starling City with Oliver/Arrow hunting some criminals and cleansing the city. Detective Lance is now Captain Lance and he decided to finally thank the Arrow for the things he’s done for the city and stopped the task force that was assigned to tracking Oliver down. Other than Oliver being broke, things finally seem to work out for the entire team (except for Roy, who clearly misses Thea) and Oliver even considers dating Felicity (finally!!!), but it wouldn’t be Arrow, if everything didn’t go downhill from there. Of course, the villain of the episode, Werner Zytle, who has claimed the mantle of Count Vertigo, has to go and ruin everything. Here are my more detailed thoughts on what’s happened:

  • We’ve thoroughly established that Felicity is one of my favourite people on the planet and that I ship her with everyone. So, I was overjoyed with happiness when Oliver finally asked her out, but of course he can’t date her after she’s been endangered because of him (her wounds vanished way to quickly by the way!). Seriously, stop leading that poor girl on! He then proceeds to tell her that he can’t say that he doesn’t love her, he just doesn’t know if he’ll ever be ready to be with her. So, is she just supposed to sit around and wait for him to decide when it’s safe for them to date? She now knows that he loves her, but still can’t be with her – that doesn’t make any sense! Although it made me super sad, I am with Felicity and I think it’s a wise choice to say they are over for now (which they are clearly not anyway).
  • We got our first look at Ray Palmer aka future Atom. I like the guy and I detect a possible romance with Felicity. I’m not just imagining that! He was pretty much stalking her!
  • Diggle got his baby daughter and she’s super cute and perfect! He’s going to be a great father and has to dial down on the dangerous jobs he’s taking; I’m looking forward to seeing more of that!
  • The little insert of Barry Allen calling Oliver was totally unnecessary in my opinion. I got why they did it on Flash, but it didn’t do anything for the story or episode in Arrow.
  • Still no fan of Laurel
  • We got Sara back, just so that they could kill her!? What on earth were they thinking? And who was the person shooting her? With arrows? They better explain all that really soon.

So, that’s it for this episode. Happy to discuss it with you in the comments! Tell me what you thought about it!

23 thoughts on “Arrow Season 3 Premiere

  1. I saw some people calling it also an emotional rollercoaster, but while I fairly enjoyed this episode, I thought it was also pretty predictable at times. I know to expect nothing except being tortured by the show with Olicity, so I’ve just enjoyed the fact they gave us some serious Olicity moments before going back to torturing us and with Oliver being his usual idiotic self when it comes to that area. And even if Diggle eventually told him he was right about that, Oliver does need to let people around him make their own choices. They’ve been doing it long enough to know what they are dealing with.

    By the way, Felicity’s wounds didn’t disappear – I don’t think she was injured at all, just got knocked out. All that blood was not hers, she was dirty from everything that happened around her.

    They brought Sara back because they needed to set up Laurel’s story for the season.

    The Barry bit was a bit useless, but it was just an Easter egg for people who actually watched the Flash to pick up on, so I didn’t mind it – it was so brief.

    Ray Palmer was fun – good casting on that end.

    Also, just a general note: I love Felicity.


    • I agree with you on some moments being predictable, but I really liked the first episode of this season. I missed it so much and they definitely made up for the wait with a dramatic start. Yet, you are right about Oliver having to let other people make their own decisions. It’s their life after all and even if he tried, he wouldn’t be able to protect them from everything.

      But why would she be all bloody from other people? They weren’t that close to her … at least I was sure at the moment that she had a cut near her eyebrow and she definitely would have some bruises and cuts on her arms and so on. I get that they don’t want her to look like she needs to be in a hospital, but she looked like nothing at all happened.

      I know why they brought back Sara, but it was still mean, especially because I don’t care if Laurel goes on another vendetta or starts spiraling like she did after Tommy’s death.

      I could see some great scenes with Ray Palmer in the future – really looking forward to that!

      Yay! Another member in the Felicity fan club.


      • You are forcing me to be a bit too graphic, so apologies for that. But when a place being bombed and people get hurt in such manner, blood is going to be splashed all over the place. If you check out (well, don’t, but if you do) pictures from scenes of terror attacks, they can never really show pictures of serious injuries (Well, some do, but most places), so you will often see pictures of people covered with blood, but they are actually only lightly injured or even not physically injured at all, and it’s just a result of being close to the impact. and they WERE very close. The only reason they managed to get out untouched was because of Oliver’s instincts, but it still hit very close to where they were and therefore they were very close to people who did get hurt.


      • Alright, you definitely know more about this than I do and I am not going to argue about this with you. Your opinion is the right one, but I just felt like she should’ve at least had a few scratches.


      • I think that thematically you are totally right – they could have done some scratches just for having a more visual reminder of what just happened – I think it would have actually worked better with the Oliver storyline, if they were having later conversations with the clear consequences still obvious by her having some visible wounds. But because of how they did it before – that he put her down on the table, the others asking if she was ok, and him saying she was just knocked out, and there was no effort at all to tend to any wounds, it was obvious to me she wasn’t actually hurt.


  2. finally saw it. Amazing episode.

    – love that roy is now full trained and WOW! he gets a lot of action… but not enough lines. Sad as he might be because of Thea, I hope they make him a little more happy from here on now.

    – Diggle is just one of my favorite people, so I was glad to see that not only he was going to be a dad, but also that he and Lyla are together and happy 🙂

    – Laurel could not have been there and wouldn’t be missed, still, I thought this episode was a slight improvement from the whole 1st and 2nd seasons as far as she’s concerned.

    – are they going to make captain Lance have an addiction problem? I hope not, that would be kind of repetitive. Still, with his history, he shouldn’t be popping so many pills.

    – Definitely something there between Ray and Felicity… at least he wants it.

    – Felicity did make the right choice to walk away, but shouldn’t she have been a little more comprehensive?! I mean, she knows the guy for years now, she knew what was coming… she seemed so cold to me 😦 Loved the kiss, and I understand his reasons – we actually discussed that this was probably going to happen…

    – Sara’s murder actually makes sense… Ra’s al Ghul is coming…


    • -Yes, Roy definitely needs more dialogue! I mean it’s great that he is fully trained and that they trust him to work on his own, but still … I’d like for him to be even more involved.

      -Diggle is such a great guy and I love Dyla! (Read somewhere that that’s the new ship name for them)

      -The only thing I wonder about Laurel is, whether she’ll take on her sisters mask like in the comics or not. But I doubt I’ll ever be a fan of hers.

      -Poor Captain Lance never gets a break… if he has a real addiction problem again, it won’t help that Sara died.

      -Ray is such a fun character. I’m really looking forward to seeing him become Atom and his development in general.

      -No one likes to be strung along forever. He should just make up his mind … I completely understand her, I mean it’s torture what he does to her! He basically told her that he loved her and that that’s the reason he couldn’t be with her. I somewhat understand his reasons, but I definitely get her harsh reaction as well.

      -Oh yeah, I read that Ra’s al Ghul would make an appearance. So excited to see who’ll play him!


      • I think he’s already cast.

        My guess is that Laurel will become the Canary… I mean, she’s supposed to, and now that she’s all cool about the vigilante business and she’ll want revenge for her sister, I can see it.

        I get Felicity and I love her to bits, but wasn’t it a bit fast? Her giving up just like that?!

        Somehow, I did not miss thea in this episode =/

        Dyla?! I kind of like it


      • Yep, he should be cast by now. I know that they offered the role to Liam Neeson who was originally quite excited about the idea, but then had to pass for some reason. I assume due to scheduling issues.

        I could see her as the Canary as well. I guess that might be her theme for the season.

        I know what you mean and you are not the only one thinking that way. But Felicity’s been into Oliver for years now and she knows him. When did it ever any good to argue with him? He’s not that easily convinced. Also, I think she was really mad at him – at least more mad than sad – and therefore didn’t try to persuade him to change his mind.

        Yeah, I already missed Thea in the promo videos for this season. I hope she comes back soon.


      • I think Olicity is far from being over! They’ll probably want to explore her chemistry with Ray a little more and she’ll have an appearance on the Flash at some point, but I think they’ll have it as a subtext throughout the next episodes anyway. What do you think?


      • I think she’ll probably explode on him in a couple of episodes, and they’ll probably slip up at least once before the season is over 🙂 … I do like her chemistry with Ray, but I don’t want that to happen. Better be with Barry!!!

        Also, what’s with the names? Ray? Roy?! Come on DC, what a lack of imagination!!!


      • Oh she definitely will at some point! She has every right in the world to be mad at him, she might even explode on him next week as he refuses to grieve Sara.

        Their names are definitely not the most creative ones …


      • I know .. I felt so sorry for all of them when the downwards spiral just started all over again. These guys never get a break.
        I was never too fond of the flashbacks to the island, but the Hong Kong story has me interested for now.


      • I actually like the island, but now I’m not foreseeing what’s going to happen… i’m so curious!!! also, I can’t believe we still have 2.5 years till he gets back on that island and rescued. and now he said: “when i decided to come home”, so, it was a choice?!


  3. You know…did they lose all the good writing talent this season? Or maybe the director went on strike ?

    The whole danged episode was on steroids. Everyone was talking a mile a minute as fast as humans can possibly talk outside of an actual auction. It was like watching a kids cartoon. If this keeps up I will be bypassing the whole series. It drove me nuts. They really, really need to slow down the dialog and take their time with the story. And I really like all the actors and the show so…common !!!! I hope they don’t ruin it.


    • I don’t know what to say … maybe I am so used to people talking way too fast that I didn’t even notice it, or I actually just didn’t get the same feeling as you.

      I thought this was such a strong start for a season and the storylines seemed great to me as well. But that just proves how much opinions can differ and that’s alright too. Thank you for commenting!


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