Our Girl Part V/Finale

It’s over … and I don’t know what to say. I dearly love Our Girl and I think I am about to riot if they don’t make another season. But let’s get into that a bit later on and start the review now. As always, beware of Spoilers!

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The final piece of the Our Girl mini-series of course dealt with the repercussions of last week, as well as finding a conclusion to our heroine’s drama. Molly isn’t the one who gets to treat Captain James and Smurf, so she has to wait and hope to find out about their state of health like all the other platoon members. In addition to that, they are about to return back home, where Molly has great difficulties returning to “normality”. I had a feeling that someone was about to die, but I will grant Tony Grounds that he’s surprised me with his choice of character to write out of the show. Another great episode in my eyes and here are my more specific thoughts:

  • Smurf … it’s definitely been a roller coaster with him throughout this season and that didn’t change in the last episode. First, he tried to guilt Molly into believing that the shooting was her fault and then he finally gets it and redeems himself by becoming what he should have been all along: Molly’s best mate! Things were going so well for him, at least it seemed that way. He only had some minor injuries that needed to heal, Molly and him were about to go to Las Vegas, he was willing to talk to a psychiatrist (about time!) and then … he just dies. Can we all agree that that was unexpected? They were always teasing that someone was about to die, but I never saw it coming that it would be Smurf/Dylan Smith. It was really sad to see his funeral and especilly Mrs Smurf/Smith, his mother, seen as she has lost both her boys now.
  • Qaseem is still one of the best people on the show. He kept his promise, found Bashira and finally even managed to unite her with Molly. Couldn’t have been a better ending for the season.
  • James woke up and I thought that he was the candidate to die rather than Smurf, but I am of course more than happy that he is still alive. His son is the cutest and we finally got to know his first name. It’s Charles – Captain Charles James! What a lovely name, but I had to smirk like Molly when I first heard it. He is definitely divorced from his wife Rebecca now and he got to go on a date with Molly. Their relationship is so beautiful and I had to smile all throughout their date. I’m glad they are sort of together now.
  • There was a Doctor Who reference (TARDIS) and it was one of the best things ever to see two of my favourite shows collide.
  • Molly –  I love her as a character. You can feel with her so easily and she’s utterly relatable, which is so very important. I’m very happy that she got awarded for her actions, but I didn’t quite know how this season would end for her and I could definitely understand her wanting to go on another tour and also wanting to find Bashira. She felt restless and uncomfortable being back home and I think we can all understand that. The final solution was great! She went back to Afghanistan and teaches other medics there; couldn’t have imagined something more fitting for her. And still, if she decides to leave the military now, she has James waiting for her in Bath.
  • However cute the post-credit scene was, I think it wasn’t necessary, because the other ending was also perfect.
  • Now that this season is over, there are a lot of people who want more of the show. I do too! But I can also see that the first season had a nice conclusion for almost everything. If there was to be a Season 2, I’d hope that a lot of characters would make a comeback, but I can’t exactly see what the grand theme or story arc would be, but then again I am not the writer. Any ideas on your side?

So, this is it. We got to see a great show with Our Girl and I’m truly sad that it’s over … what am I going to watch on Sundays now? Do you have any last thoughts you want to share?

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6 thoughts on “Our Girl Part V/Finale

  1. Oh wow, where do I even start. At the beginning, I suppose… I’m kind of going through the episode again, to write down some notes.

    * I thought it was an interesting choice that all the way to the end, none of the platoon ever caught up to what was going on between Molly and James (Charlie! but more on that later) and were sure it was all about Smurf and her. That’s actually something I wish we could have seen, although i am also not entirely clear on how the rest of them have missed Smurf’s outburst that we saw last week.

    * It was nice to see Smurf trying to be a friend to Molly again, and it gave Smurf’s story some sort of closure, despite the tragic ending. It was particularly painful to see his mom. Despite the fact she only appeared on screen for a couple brief scenes, it is one of the strongest things I remember from the episode. Admittedly, I do connect the story in my head to people I do know – I was thinking about it before the episode, wondering whether they’d have the guts to kill off Smurf too or whether it would be too much, but sometimes reality is that tragic. I know a couple, whose sons I used to also know years ago. Their oldest son was killed during his military service in a terrorist attack. A few years later, the best friend of the younger son (who was my age) died in battle, and a few days later the younger soon took his life. I still see their parents from time to time, and even though it has been 15-20 years, it still breaks my heart. There’s also another woman back home, who I don’t know personally, but she also lost two sons in battles and she’s very inspirational to when it comes to supporting the troops and finding inner strength during war times. Those stories are extremely tragic, but they are real, and therefore including them in the show, even if it’s “too dramatic” actually does serve the purpose of telling us about that kind of life.

    * Qaseem is the reminder of the good you can find even in the worst of places. We call them “good people in the middle of the road” back home. Meaning that you never know when in your journey you are going to run into a good person who will have a big impact on you, even in small things.

    * James. Well, Charles. Charlie. You know what I mean. I actually guessed a few weeks ago that the series will end with him getting injured and getting out of the army, and what do you know. I think it was obvious in the last couple episodes that he was stuck in some sort of limbo, and especially when we learned about his wife and son, it was obvious he was also using the tour as a way to get away from the problems, avoiding them a bit even, but doing something important so feeling ok with that.

    * More James. I really liked how their relationship was depicted – and while I do ship them to no end, I think I’m actually ok with the very deliberate choice to *not* show them being physical with each other almost at all. I think it highlighted the feelings that they share that are beyond just attraction (which is there in spades, of course). I also thought that like other moments in this episode especially, we managed to learn so much even from little scenes, like the one with his ex-wife. You could see how detached they were from one another and there were really no strings left. Also, the wife’s face when Molly said “ditto”! I think it might actually be something more intimate that James does, hence that phrase catching the wife’s attention.

    * Charles. As cute as the scene was, it actually made so little sense to me that she wouldn’t know his first name by now. I don’t know how it is in the British military, granted, but at least where I served you always knew the names of the ones you served with and your direct (or even more superior) commanders. You’d have contact sheets, lots of different paperwork for different things, and so on. Those names would appear in full on any official paperwork, and people would know them, so to think that even if she missed it somehow, that no one knew what the name is and that it never came up is odd. Even moreso when you think about the fact when she’s the medic and is keeping track of everyone’s medical records, as she was the medic on post. She was supposed to update their files whenever she saw someone and gave treatment.. Having said that, it’s a suitable posh name. Works well!

    * Molly. She really did go through a huge journey, didn’t she? You just look at the person she was when she started and where she is now. And I liked that they kept that thing all the way through where she is well aware of where she is from and not being as “classy” or whatever, but being actually comfortable with that and not too self aware. That date in Bath was worlds away from anything Molly has ever known, and yet it was so comfortable, because they were so comfortable together. Seeing Molly now, and the girl we saw when she was 18 with a loser boyfriend and pointless life, dressing cheaply and getting drunk and generally being aimless. I loved what Tony Grounds wrote in twitter after today’s episode: “I wanted to say that the Molly Dawes of this world can do ANYTHING they set their minds to. ”

    * I thought it was quite brilliant ending the series with that post-credits scene.


    • Okay, this will take a while to answer.

      -I was really surprised that no one noticed the James-Molly-relationship, but I suppose they could’ve been distracted by Smurf’s constant advances towards Molly. I actually would have liked to hear their opinion on it though.

      -The story of Smurf’s mom wasn’t too tragic for me. I think it was exactly the right way, because there isn’t a happy ending for everyone, however sad that might be.

      -Glad we agree that Qaseem is simply awesome!

      -I don’t think Molly’s smirk actually meant that she didn’t know his first name before, but rather that it felt weird for her to get him to call him by his first name. or to hear it being spoken out loud. That’s just what I got from it.
      And I am also fine with them not depicting their physical relationship. That’s just not what the show was about and I’m totally okay with that.

      -Molly’s journey was inspiring and I’m glad Tony Grounds took the time to create her.

      -The post-credit scene was adorable and a sweet outlook at what’s to come, but I actually believe that it would’ve been just as great an ending, if they didn’t have it.


      • – I wasn’t really surprised at them not knowing. Not only they would have seen Smurf and Molly a lot more often together, I think that them too didn’t really imagine it possible for the Captain and Molly to become and couple, first and foremost because of his role and how strict with the rules he was, but also possibly because they are from such different rules, I think people have a lot of prejudices about those kind of things.

        -I like your theory about Molly and the name. I got the feeling from his reply that she didn’t know it, but perhaps you are right. Maybe she did know it but not from him and he didn’t really think about the fact she would know it, but for her it was just weird to hear it? This would work better for me.

        -I agree that the show would have wrapped up just fine even without that scene. But I am glad that Tony Grounds could predict ahead of time that there will be enough shippers that this would be a great gift for.

        I know it’s too early to think about a second series, but I think there is a good number of stories to tell and that she’s not done growing yet. Although in the current state of affairs this would mean seeing a lot less of Captain James – probably only in her home life moments. But maybe he’d decide that he does miss the military and became a basic training officer or something like that, a role that doesn’t require him being in the field, but lets him shape the future soldiers, and not just a desk work. There are a lot of ways to do it. Although I wouldn’t mind if the series expanded the focus a bit to be about Molly AND James now that he became a big part of her life, and see his process in getting used to life outside the army, while supporting her progression in it. A job swap of sorts.

        -It’s #1 best seller in Television Drama in Amazon UK! Over Downton Abbey, Walking Dead, Game of Thrones, Breaking Bad and all those big guns. And the standalone drama is actually third. Very excited for them!


      • -Yeah, that’s what I meant with Smurf and Molly probably being more in the foreground than the unthinkable romance between their Captain and the medic.

        -That theory works a lot better, right? I think it was just so weird for us, because we never knew his first name and that just somehow lead to the conclusion that she didn’t either, but that wouldn’t make any sense. I’m pretty sure she had to write several reports and stuff and also when she examined him, it only makes sense that she knows his full name.

        -Jawes is one of my favourite couples ever! I’m also glad Tony Grounds gave us that little treat.

        -I don’t know why, but I just can’t imagine a second season yet. I just hope that when it comes out, it will have the same level of awesomness as the first season did.

        -That’s amazing! I am so happy for them!


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