The 100 Season 2 Premiere

I don’t know how many of you actually remember the finale of Season 1 of the 100, but I know very well that I was shocked. How could they have left us like that? Now, finally, after months of waiting, we get some answers in the Season 2 premiere! As always, this review includes Spoilers!

We actually start back right where we ended last season. Clarke is in some sort of quarantine cell and if you guessed that she was taken by the people of Mount Weather, you were right. If you remember, Mt. Weather was the place the 100 were supposed to go to, right when they landed, but were prevented to get there by the Grounders. They were promised to find everything they need to survive there and now we know why – people who stayed behind/were left behind on Earth did manage to survive the radiation. Some, like the Grounders, could withstand radiation and therefore were able to live on the new surface, but others, like the people from Mt. Weather, weren’t as lucky and have to live a very secluded life in their shielded underground world. Now that that’s clarified, let’s get into the plot of the episode. We find our heroes and heroines very much separated all over the place – which I have to say, I don’t like. Didn’t like it in the first season, when they went on solo missions, don’t appreciate it now that they are not together. But I assume we will get there. Here’s a breakdown of who’s where and my general thoughts:

  • Octavia and Lincoln – they were on their way to the sea, when Octavia got hit by a poisoned arrow. She doesn’t want Lincoln to return to his old village (which is Washington DC?), because he would get killed for his treason, but Lincoln simply can’t watch his love die. After he assumed that she started hallucinating, he just grabbed her and by the end of the episode we are still unclear where he is and if he manages to get the antidote. But Octavia didn’t just imagine seeing a disfigured man, there really was someone there.
  • Finn was captured by a Grounder, who now wants to take him back to his tribe for questioning, but Bellamy isn’t far and tries to free Finn. Unfortunately, that backfires terribly and he gets captured as well and now they have to be rescued by Counselor (now Chancellor) Kane and Abby.
  • Raven and Murphy get stuck together, both being shot and close to dying. They too get saved by Kane and Abby, who were actually trying to find Clarke. Still no one knows where the rest of the people are, so Abby leaves a message for Clarke as to where she can find them – Camp Jaha. Also, Bellamy gets scolded for attacking Murphy, which he actually had a right to do, because Kane won’t allow them to behave like they did before. That’s going to cause so much drama, I can already see it.
  • Clarke gets released from her holding cell after she attacked a girl from the Mountain called Maya (Eve Harlow). President Dante seems to be dead set on integrating Clarke and to reunite her with her people (47 of whom are left, which makes a total of 48 with Clarke who are now in the mountain, which then again explains the title of the episode), but all Clarke wants, is to get out. She feels like a prisoner and there’s definitely something up with Dante and the place in general. I just find him really creepy, even if he did give her drawing materials and great food. Jasper and Monty certainly like it there and don’t appreciate Clarke’s attempts of running away. Especially Jasper seems to have taken a liking to Maya.
  • Last but not least, Jaha is still alive on the Ark, but he can’t communicate with the people on the ground. No idea what his storyline will be, but at the end of the episode we hear a baby crying on the Ark. Very strange if you ask me, but let’s see what that’s all about.

All in all, I liked the start of the season, but I am desperately hoping for a Bellarke reunion soon!  I always liked Clarke’s relationship with her people the most and although she has some of them around her, it’s just not right that she’s separated from Raven, Finn and Bellamy. What do you think?

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