Downton Abbey Series 5 Episode 7

I gather that I could have found some other title than the one I chose, but I figured the obvious choice would do just as well. Finally, after Our Girl and several other distractions, I am all caught up on Downton Abbey (which, fun fact, I talked about in my first post ever on this blog, but not once since then) and will now review the remaining episodes of Series 5. Beware Spoilers for Episode 7 are coming up ahead!

Last week, Lady Edith finally chose that she couldn’t live without her darling daughter Marigold and left Downton Abbey with her to go to London. We pick up after the family comes back home to find Edith gone. It seems rather strange to me that no one but Atticus thought to check at Edith’s workplace for her whereabouts, but let’s get to that later on. The episode also deals with Lord Merton’s and Isobel’s engagement, Mary trying to get rid of Tony and, since there are so many other characters, a lot more beyond that. Let’s break it down a little:

  • After Edith has left Downton Abbey Mrs Drewe comes by the house to tell Cora how ill treated she feels. Aunt Rosamund and Lady Grantham were just about to tell Cora the truth about Edith, but they came too late. Cora is now furious that no one told her what was going on and wants to find Edith and bring her back with the child. I am so happy to see that she is on Edith’s side. While Edith definitely wasn’t always the most likable character, I really felt for her the past few seasons. The plan to “adopt” Marigold from the Drewe’s seems like an obvious one to me and one she should have pursued much earlier. I can’t wait to see Edith happy for once! But Anna seems to suspect that Marigold is Edith’s real daughter and it probably won’t take long until the secret comes out.
  • I don’t particularly like Mary this season. I loved her with Matthew and when she tried to get back up on her feet after his death, but now she just annoys me, stringing all those men along, when they could’ve been happy with someone else. Also, her lack of compassion for Edith stuns me! She lost her husband and it took her months to be able to continue to live and she can’t even understand that Edith had a hard time believing that her loved one was dead? I don’t get Mary’s logic.
  • Rose and Atticus are the sweetest! As far as I know the show, they won’t have it easy, but I would be happy to see them get married and lead a happy life. Let’s wait and see how her parents react to the engagement.
  • I like the more educated version of Daisy! I’m glad they could convince her to go on with her studies. Let me tell you one thing: visits to Mr Mason’s house only ever lead to good things!
  • Anna and Bates deserve happiness! I just want them to lead a quiet and contempt life and hope that the whole police business will be over soon. Maybe then she’ll get pregnant or something like that.
  • Poor Isobel is not received well by her future step-sons. I always thought she’d one day get together with the town’s doctor, but I didn’t see her engagement with Lord Merton coming. I don’t know why, but I just don’t think they fit together and it really hurt her what his sons said. Also, I’m going to miss the Violet-Isobel moments which are bound to get less if she does get married.
  • One of the saddest things to happen this episode is Isis getting cancer. That dog is a fixed part of the show/family, and it was just heartbreaking to see Lord Grantham take care of her and wanting her to have a good last night.
  • Last but not least, I have to talk about my favourite character of the show: Tom Branson! Loved him from the beginning and that will never change! He showed it to Larry, Lord Merton’s son, even if Lord Grantham doesn’t approve of his language. Good for him! I just really don’t want him to leave for America. His moments with Sybbie, however short they may be, are always the cutest and she certainly doesn’t seem to understand why they should leave. I hope he decides against it, but I want him to be happy and I’m not sure he feels like he can be in Downton.

I hope I didn’t forget anyone, but that’s all for today. It’s so sad to think that next week won’t only be the series finale of Doctor Who, but also of Downton Abbey. Everything ends, but it was teased that the true murderer of Green would be revealed and that sounds exciting. What are your thoughts?

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