Downton Abbey Season 5 Finale

Another show that tortures me with it’s departure until Christmas, but I’ll make this short and painless. This is the recap of Downton Abbey‘s Season 5 finaleSpoilers ahead!

Downton Abbey, series 5, episode 8, finale

The main topic of this episode was Rose’s wedding, the unveiling of the mysterious murder of Mr Green and as always a fair amount of side plots to be told. Here the storylines in more detail:

  • Rose and Atticus certainly don’t have it easy after their engagement, but they seem determined to manage everything together, which is just great. Atticus father and Rose’s mother are against the wedding, but young love prevails and they do get married after fighting over some intrigue, where photos of Atticus with a woman were sent to Rose. Let’s just hope they manage everything that is to come with such grace as they managed their first hiccup.
  • Edith, my dear Edith … she could barely part from Marigold, who finally lives at Downton. This made Lord Grantham very suspicious and he finally guessed that Marigold is actually Edith’s daughter. He reacted much more collected than everyone would have expected and promised Cora to keep it a secret for now.
  • There is a new footman called Andy/Andrew. He instantly gets played by Lady Grantham’s housekeeper Ms Denkers, but ultimately gets saved by Thomas. Mr Barrow is always good for a surprise when it comes to young men who need rescuing.
  • Daisy considered leaving Downton to educate herself in London, but finally gave up on the idea after seeing how much it would pain Mrs Patmore to lose her.
  • Mrs Patmore‘s nephew finally gets the recognition he deserves for his sacrifice during the war due to the help of Lord Grantham.
  • Prince Kuragin wants to spend the rest of his life with Lady Grantham, but she hesitates because it would be a very improper affair.
  • Isobel is still uncertain as to what she is supposed to do because of Lord Merton.
  • Mary faced Tony and his fiance and wonders if everyone is leaving her behind.
  • Anna got arrested for the murder of Mr Green. I somehow saw this coming, but sweet kind Anna – is she really capable of such a thing? I certainly don’t hope so! Why can’t she just be happy with Bates? They would so deserve it!
  • Last but not least, it seems my beloved Tom really wants to leave Downton for good. He makes plans to go to America after Christmas. I still have the hope that he changes his mind and that the Christmas Special won’t be his last episode. Edith, Mary and the rest of the family would certainly miss him!

That’s it! I cannot wait for the Christmas Special as I will be in extreme Downton withdrawal until then. Do tell me your thoughts and feelings about the episode below! I certainly don’t feel like it’s already over.

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