The Newsroom – Season 3 Premiere

I am so happy to have this show back on screen! If you have no idea what The Newsroom is, I’m sorry, but you must have lived under a rock the past years. Click here to read my post from back in the days, which should give you enough reasons to start watching it soon! But this isn’t just a post about the show in general, instead it’s about the third and final Season PremiereSpoilers ahead!

It is so exhilarating to be back in the Newsroom. Seen as the show is one of the smartest and most perfectly written dramas on TV right now, I am sad to see it go. But let’s face it, the show always had an expiration date stamped on, because you cannot continue to tell stories like this forever, without losing credibility. Yet, Aaron Sorkin, creator and writer of the show, made sure that they’d go out with a bang!

The first episode throws us back to 2013 and the bombing during the Boston Marathon. After the Genoa debacle, they want to do everything right and won’t air anything without double confirmation of respectable sources. The events of season 2 have definitely left their traces and our Newsroom heroes are all on different pages now. Let’s break it down a little:

  • The whole team seems a bit cautious when it comes to reporting the news now. In fact, they are about the last channel that actually talks about the bombing. Also, they only want to use credible sources, which of course is nothing bad, but Twitter and other social media sites spread information like wildfire and the Newsroom doesn’t acknowledge this new development at all. Of course you’d still need proper confirmation before airing, but sometimes it’s good not to discredit all social media sources.
  • Will and Mac are planning their wedding (about time!) when they find out about the bombing. They don’t seem as confident as they used to be to me, at least not when it comes to their job. But they still have their team’s back and would go the extra mile for them. Will wants to quit after hearing that ACN ratings went down, but I think he reconsidered by the end of the episode.
  • Neal seems to have landed a big fish, when someone tries to give him confidential documents. After receiving the classified information though, Neal wants something more concrete from the whistleblower. By asking for that, he commits a federal crime himself by inspiring someone to espionage. At least he needs a lawyer now and that means the re-entry of Rebecca Halliday into the show.
  • Sloan and Don are the best together! I just love them – individually and as a couple. Throughout the episode Sloan discovers that there is a hostile takeover in store for ACN and warns Reese about it.
  • Reese Lancing isn’t a character many people like – why would they? But I just can’t stop picturing Danny Castellano from the Mindy Project, so I’m glad the Newsroom staff has his back.
  • At the beginning it seems like everyone doubts that Maggie is still cut out for the job. But she gets to go to Boston with Elliot and does quite well there, until she accidentally gives Elliot a chicken salad with nuts, although he’s allergic to them. You’d think that he’d get really angry, but he tells her to go on air instead of him and she is brilliant. You go Maggie! And at least we also know that Jim never doubted her!

I still love the show to bits and can’t wait for next week. Let’s just hope it ends as well as the first episode did – “We’re not in the middle of a third act; we just got to the end of the first!” That seems highly promising to me. What do you think?

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