Red Band Society Winter Finale

So, I already covered the premiere of Red Band Society this Fall Season (click here to read it) and therefore I thought it was only fitting to write about the Winter Finale as well! Beware, Spoilers ahead!

If you are a curious person like me, you were probably pissed at the winter finale because it ended with so many cliffhangers. Usually, I would just suck it up and wait until the show returns in spring or summer, but I can’t really do that with Red Band Society, can I? Although nothing is for certain, the show is as good as cancelled. I know that the ratings weren’t top notch, because there were some not so good episodes in it, but I generally quite enjoyed Red Band Society and would have liked to at least get a proper ending. I just hate it when you are left with more questions than answers, and here is what left me so utterly unsatisfied after the winter finale:

  • Emma got to go home, even though she is so clearly not fine. You see her struggling to get along with her family, especially after they reveal that her grandmother had a similar disease, and she also seems to miss Leo. At the end of the episode we see her unconscious on the floor of her bathroom.
  • Hunter has to make a decission whether to stay in the hospital (with Kara) or go home with his parents. He decides to go home, which Kara clearly doesn’t like. Just when he’s about to leave, his pager goes off, which means he gets a new liver (and it’s not from his sister). Before his surgery, he tells Dash that he is a true leader, which is sort of sweet. The episode ends with him still in the OR.
  • Jordi may turn into a drug dealer in order to get the money for the emancipation fee.
  • Doctor McAndrew finally snaps at Brittany for holding a grudge after their one night stand. I get it though and I feel really sorry for Britt. I mean she was just so obviously into him and I’m not surprised she confused feelings with sex. He could definitely cut her some slack, it’s not like she’s sabotaging his work. She’s just not as friendly as before.
  • Nurse Jackson has a thing for the guy who helps Charlie after he woke up from his coma. He seems to be interested as well, but because she just witnessed how a workplace relationship can go awry, she puts up her walls again. Those writers don’t let anyone be happy …
  • Finally, Kara and Leo … WTF?! I am not that much of a fan of Emma, but I shipped Kara and Hunter right from the start. I get why Kara and Leo are something like friends and they kissed before, but letting them hook up now – not okay! And Leo is going to be so pissed when he sees the missed call from Emma.

So, basically everything is ruined. That’s just how they are going to let this end? Not fair! What are your thoughts on the (winter) finale of Red Band Society?

3 thoughts on “Red Band Society Winter Finale

  1. I liked this show a lot! I admit I was iffy at first if I was even going to watch it, but it actually caught my attention. Besides the fact that Hunter is SUPER gorg, I am sure Kara is an idiot for forgetting about him and sleeping with Leo. And Leo is an idiot for forgetting about Emma. And Emma is an even bigger idiot. Well the show is full of idiots but I was hoping it would continue to see if any of them would grow up a little bit. 😦 Sad it’s cancelled.


    • I really liked it too and I was so mad when I found out that they wouldn’t even have the guts to finish the first Season. I hate it when they just leave everything out in the open and up for interpretation what might happen next. I don’t even need an entire second half of the season, but at least some sort of proper conclusion.

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