Agents of SHIELD Mid-Season Finale

Another show that went off to it’s well deserved winter break was ABC’s Marvel‘s Agents of SHIELD. Again, beware of major Spoilers for the Mid-Season Finale right ahead!

So, that’s definitely how you go out with a bang (quite literally in fact)! After last episode we were left with a lot of questions unanswered and … well now we do have a lot more questions, but we also got some answers to previous stuff. I really enjoyed this season so far and think that, even though this wasn’t their strongest episode, they hit the mark a lot better than last season. Here are my thoughts on the mid-season finale:

  • Jemma and Fitz finally spend time together again! It’s still pretty awkward a lot of the time, but they are getting back to being a team. That just makes me insanely happy, although I very much enjoyed the bromance between Fitz and Mac.
  • Speaking of Mac! He’s alive and back to normal, I think. Yay to that!
  • Bobbi … what is the secret you are keeping from Hunter? He really cares about her and she is hiding something (bigger than a thumb drive). Mac apparently also knows about this thing, but while I first thought he might have hooked up with Bobbi and didn’t want Hunter to find out about it, I don’t think that’s the truth any longer. This is something way bigger.
  • After Skye’s dad let Ward kidnap her, he certainly doesn’t get the reunion with his daughter he imagined. Also, he doesn’t get to live out his revenge fantasy either, because Coulson kills Whitehall before Skye’s dad can do so. The only thing he has going for him right now, is that Skye couldn’t shoot him …
  • I love Coulson and Skye‘s father-daughter-relationship! Just wanted to throw that in the mix as well.
  • Ming-Na Wen (Agent May) is as always really bad-ass in her now two roles!
  • Ward is just weird this season. His loyalties are … with Skye I suppose?
  • After the team rigged the whole hidden city tunnel system with explosives, Skye wants to make things right and follows Raina, who has the Obelisk, into the tunnel. Now Trip has to go after her (and weirdly isn’t affected by the alien powers down there after all) in order to assure they don’t all blow up. The final scene is really mesmerizing and I can’t really explain what happens. Suddenly, Raina, Skye and Trip turn to stone. While Skye survives that (Raina maybe did as well), Trip turns to dust … He’s dead. I am really sad about that. He was a great addition to the team and while I didn’t want him to be with Jemma, I could see him with Skye. (I can always find the romance angle in everything as you can see) I am sorry to see him go, but at least Mac isn’t dead as well.

So, I have no idea what that final scene meant for Skye or the team … I generally have no clue what’s next, but I am looking forward to finding out! Your thoughts?

7 thoughts on “Agents of SHIELD Mid-Season Finale

  1. Again, full disclosure, I haven’t watch it yet. But I read today that the last scene was the set up for the Inhumans… Skye is an Inhuman (superior race created by the experimentation of the Kree, or something like that).

    I will not be ok if Trip is gone… I love Mac, but I love Trip more, so they just have to do something about that!!! 😥


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