The 100 Mid-Season Finale

I’m assuming that there are equally as many people who are very happy about the mid-season finale of the 100 as there are people who are utterly devastated. To be honest, I am still undecided. Beware of Spoilers for “Spacewalker” from now onwards!

So, the episode was pretty loaded. As we all know from the previous episode, the only way to achieve a truce with the Grounders is through handing over Finn, which would mean his certain death. Of course, Clarke is not about to let that happen, so the main focus of “Spacewalker” was on how they could possibly save him from that fatal demise. Here are my main impressions:

  • It was interesting to see how differently the “kids” and the adults dealt with the Finn-situation. While Clarke and her friends were determined to save him whatever the cost, most of the Ark-survivors were readily willing to kill him themselves in order to save their own skin. Don’t get me wrong, I am in no way a supporter of sacrificing one life for the good of many, but that situation looked more than dire. The camp was surrounded by Grounders and even with their superior weapons, there was no way the Ark-people could’ve fought them and win. Additionally, Finn clearly had issues with dealing with his guilt. Killing innocent people leaves its scars. So, that was definitely a tricky situation, with no easy answer available.
  • I guess it’s best to get it out of the way. Finn is dead! There is no way around that and I know that if you’ve seen the new promo, you might think otherwise, but it’s a trick. The writers confirmed that he left the show and considering that Clarke was the one killing him (out of mercy, after telling him she loved him too) it is obvious that that will have its consequences, especially on her state of mind. I was never a huge fan of Finn (Bellarke all the way!), but I wasn’t one of the people who said he needed to go, claiming he was dead weight for the story. In the end, I was really sad to see how it ended for him.
  • We thought we knew why Finn was imprisoned on the Ark, but we finally got all of his and Raven’s backstory through lovely flashbacks. Okay, I’m still not a huge fan of flashbacks, but they were actually really useful and helped the emotional build-up with Raven’s character.
  • I’m really glad Abby is chancellor and not Jaha, but ultimately I’d prefer it if one of the Hundred is in charge. They know the territory, the lifestyle and the Grounders better than any of the Ark-people and it’s frustrating that they don’t see that.
  • Kane has returned to the camp.
  • Lincoln seems to feel better, but also more bitter.
  • Not enough Bellamy! There can never be enough Bellamy! But there was some more fuel for the theory that Kane might be Bellamy’s (and Octavia’s) father. Who knows!
  • There was absolutely no mention of Mt. Weather and the people who are still there. I can’t wait to find out how that part of the story continues, because the mountain men freak me out. Their scientific torture is so creepy and I am really afraid for Monty and Jasper. Let’s just hope Clarke manages to free them soon.

So, that was it from the 100 for this year. They better not kill Raven next episode, because that would just be too many dead main characters in too short a time. What are your thoughts?

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