Doctor Who Christmas Special 2014

Before I start this post: I wish all of you readers happy holidays! It’s been a great year and I am thankful for all the support I’ve got from you. I’m truly happy about every visit to my page, like and comment! Thanks!

Now, on to Doctor Who! Despite the fact that the episode was named after the single most terrible Christmas song ever produced, meaning Last Christmas, the episode wasn’t nearly as bad. Beware of Spoilers ahead!

Last Christmas … I don’t even know where to start. This was definitely the most Inception-like plot ever, because there were just so many dreams in dreams and technically we still don’t know if they woke up (just like in the movie). There were parts I really liked and others I didn’t like so much. So, without further ado, here are my thoughts on this years’ Christmas Special of Doctor Who:

  • Nick Frost as Santa together with his elves was simply hilarious. Also I was very happy to see Nathan McMullen, who I first encountered on Misfits, in this episode. I like the way they incorporated Santa and left it open as to whether he truly exists or not, even though we don’t actually have Santa in my country and I never believed in him, the thought of him is quite nice. And just fyi: I like getting tangerines. They are totally yummy!
  • Leave it to Steven Moffat to make dreaming unsafe. I generally didn’t dislike the episode, but it was really confusing and even repetitive at times. A very interesting concept, but at times copied from Inception (as I mentioned above).
  • Unfortunately I didn’t care that much about the other dreamers. The only thing that was a bit interesting to see was where and how they woke up.
  • A lot of people wondered why the episode was called “Last Christmas” because there were so many rumours about Jenna Coleman leaving. In truth though, it was Clara‘s and Danny‘s last Christmas together. It was heartbreaking to see them part yet again. Danny is just too perfect, even if he was just a projection in a dream.
  • Well, Jenna Coleman didn’t leave, although I read somewhere that she had a change of heart at the last minute and that they had to rewrite the ending of the episode. (This information was never actually confirmed though) It was originally planned that Clara would die at old age with the Doctor visiting her for the last time. It doesn’t really matter now that that didn’t happen, although that part of was brilliant. The prosthetics didn’t look as terrible as they sometimes tend to look and I just loved the whole scene. The way the Doctor still saw her the way she looked like when she was young and Clara telling him that there was only one other man than Danny, but that he was impossible. In the end, I am very happy though to see her for at least another half-season. We’ll see if she still stays after that.
  • Clara and the Doctor on the sleigh was so cute and lovely. Another one of my favourite moments!
  • I’m not exactly sure I can pinpoint it, but a lot of this episode reminded me of Donna. The way Clara dreamt about her life with Danny, made me think of Donna while she was saved in the library and the Dream Crabs really reminded me of that thing on Donna’s back during Turn Left.
  • While we still don’t know when Series 9 will continue, we have a title for the first episode: The Magician’s Apprentice. Sounds interesting.

It may still not rank as one of my favourite Christmas Specials, but it wasn’t bad at all. I quite liked it, what about you? What are your thoughts?

8 thoughts on “Doctor Who Christmas Special 2014

  1. I liked the general story, but I felt that it derived too much from Alien, Inception, and Nightmare on Elm Street for me to truly enjoy it. Not enough originality. Yes, they referenced Alien as if to acknowledge that yes, they were doing some copying, but still, points off for being derivative.

    I did like the other dreamers for the most part, especially Shona. I think she should come back as a companion, especially with that dance routine. And that whole thing about Santa was pretty interesting. Still don’t know what to make of it.

    And I’m still hoping Danny comes back! If Clara’s coming back and she has a grandchild named Orson Pink, then Danny has to come back! He must! Maybe he’ll reappear at some point in the 9th season, and he and Clara will finally live happily ever after.

    Oh and by the way, it’s spelled “sleigh”, not “slay”. Thought you should know.


    • Thank you so much for pointing out my mistake! That was quite embarrassing, I even know the difference, but I suppose I was too tired yesterday to realise it.

      The story really didn’t feel very original and you are right about the other stories Moffat seemingly copied from. I have a feeling like we had worse Christmas Specials, but also ones that were a lot better.

      From all I’ve heard, the actress who played Shona was rumoured to be Clara’s successor as companion. So you might get lucky if you want her back. I thought she was funny, but not much more.

      Maybe they’ll try to get Danny back in Season 9. I thought that Clara might be already pregnant from Danny even if he’s gone now. That way Orson Pink could exist, but I suppose that’s not something they’re pursuing now. I just want an explanation as to how Orson was possible if they don’t bring back Danny.


      • DNA cloning? It’s possible to do that today with puppies and cats, so it could be possible that if Danny has any existing DNA, it could be the basis for a child with Clara.

        Oh, you know what’s funny? Your country is several hours ahead of me, so you guys get Doctor Who before I do. And that means I have to wait a couple hours before reading your post on the review. It’s like, “Must resist temptation. Too many spoilers!”


      • Cloning could be possible, although I am not so sure that Clara lives in the right time for that just yet.

        I know the time difference is crazy. My friends in Oregon and I always have to do the math whether the other person should already be sleeping or not when we want to talk. The temptation must be huge though, congrats for resisting it!


  2. I think it actually was my favorite Xmas special. I haven’t loved most of the other specials, usually viewing them as an obligation to get through. This one was very… Moffat-y? (more monsters that only exist if you look at them or think about them), but I enjoyed the process of watching it a lot more than I enjoyed many of the previous ones …


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