Shameless Season 5 Premiere

The Gallaghers are back for their 5th Season of Shameless! I cannot tell you how happy I am to see their story continued, since Season 4 didn’t exactly end on a happy note. Beware of Spoilers ahead and let’s dive right into it with a little recap of what’s been going on so far!

So, it’s summer, which is always a nice season for the show in my opinion, and everybody looks even more grown up (Just look at some of the younger kids!). But drama isn’t far when it comes to Gallaghers. Here’s my little break-down of the premiere episode of Season 5:

  • While Frank seems to tone down his drinking a little bit with only one beer per day, he in no way intends to just accept it. Instead he brews his own beer, which seems disgusting and leads to him passing out and waking up naked. Typical Frank.
  • Carl busted his ankle and is just the usual little delinquent he’s always been.
  • Debbie is moody, helps Frank for money and is mad because her friends don’t talk to her anymore. Basically, she’s a teenager.
  • Liam is as cute as ever!
  • Sammi and Sheila continue their little feud, while Sammi just wants her father’s attention. But Frank, of course, cares very little for that.
  • Kev and V are stressed out because of the babies; especially V, because Kev is just so much better with the twins than she is. I think that was always obvious though, because we really saw his fatherly qualities with Ethel.
  • Fiona seems to thoroughly enjoy her new job, maybe because she’s totally falling for her boss, Sean. He was originally portrayed by Jeffrey Dean Morgan, whom I love, but got exchanged with Dermot Mulroney now. I don’t have anything against Mulroney per se because he’s doing his job really well, but I was definitely looking forward to seeing Morgan in one of my favourite shows. Guess you can’t have it all …
  • Lip is back from college and … not happy? I think he got used to a certain standard of life and the whole “relationship” with Amanda might actually be more serious than he’d like to admit. So his old life surely doesn’t seem that appealing anymore. Or is it that he feels guilty about leading a better life? I don’t know, but he has to lie about the watch he got from Amanda and that’s just kind of sad. While I like that Amanda can keep up with Lip (he definitely needs someone like that), I don’t really see them together as end game. I’m looking forward to what this season has in store for them. Will Mandy make a comeback?
  • Ian, Mickey, the baby and even Svetlana are this really cute little family. Ian definitely feels better now, but I hate how they are all in denial about his condition. Manic depression is serious and I understand why they don’t want to accept that Ian might be bipolar, but he should go see a doctor. Svetlana apparently works as a surrogate now, Mickey is a con man and Ian takes care of the kid. Somehow that seems to work quite well, except … Ian is cheating on Mickey and it’s breaking my heart. The insane chemistry that is Gallavich is the best part of the show, it’s definitely my favourite one, and I can’t watch it crumble to pieces.
  • At the end of last season we saw that Jimmy/Steve is back. While he didn’t actually appear in the premiere episode, his mysterious lady friend (called Angela and portrayed by the ever so amazing Dichen Lachman – seriously she’s amazing! Check out Lust for Love, Dollhouse and the 100 to convince yourself!) is always sitting in Fiona’s section at the diner, asking her all sorts of questions and leaving $100 as a tip. I wonder what’s up with that? Did Jimmy get rich while he was gone?

So, there’s already a lot going on in this first episode, but I still can’t wait for more. What do you think will happen?

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