Comet Review

A couple of months back, I was raving about the trailer for Comet to all my friends . It looked so beautiful, endearing and, as always, I am a complete sucker for the boy-meets-girl-with-a-twist kind of story. So, now that I finally got to watch the whole thing and not just impressions of it, I decided to write a little review. Spoilers ahead!

Before we get into the actual review, here a few facts:

Genre: Drama/Romance (imdb would also like to have me believe it’s a comedy, but I really don’t think so)

Length: 91 minutes

Cast: Emmy Rossum, Justin Long, Eric Winter, Kayla Servi …

Director: Sam Esmail

In the movie, you see the relationship of the perfectly paired duo Emmy Rossum and Justin Long unfold over the course of 6 years. It all starts at a meteor shower, but you just get glimpses of their life, not necessarily in chronological order. Dell (Justin Long) is a bitter, cynic, smart-ass narcissist, while Kimberly (Emmy Rossum) is beautiful, witty, crazy and fun – of course they hit it off right away. I’m not sure Esmail really managed to “re-invent” the boy-meets-girl drama, but the two main characters have a certain fascination to them and so does the movie.

The first thing I noticed (besides the great choice of music) was that it’s visually stunning, even poetic at times. That alone should get you to want to watch it in a movie theatre, but otherwise I sometimes felt lost. I understand that, just like a painting, Comet does not have a traditional beginning, middle and end, but during the entire time I was watching it, there was this alien feeling to it, and you just knew that something wasn’t quite right. Apparently the whole story is set in a parallel universe, but to me, it seemed much more like a dream; thoughts bouncing back and forth at random, or in this case, Esmail switching between channels, jumping through time. It’s not just the time jumping though, every part of the story has a unique visual style to it and while it’s truly beautiful, I kept wondering if it were several different parallel universes where Dell and Kim met each time instead of just one. Also, it seemed like they were stuck in a loop, always ending up the same way which made for an abrupt ending of the film. You spend one and a half hours investing your emotions into this relationship, just to get it taken away without real conclusion. I suppose that’s what bothered me most; not knowing if they got together or not.

All in all it seemed like a mix between (500) Days of Summer and Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind to me, which I can’t say is a bad thing. I still have so many questions about the movie and I guess if that was Esmail‘s goal, he succeeded. It’s definitely one of the better Indie movies out there, because even though it’s confusing, you never stop watching. Did any of you see it as well? What was your opinion?

8 thoughts on “Comet Review

  1. I just finished watching ‘Comet’; the ending left me with questions, so I decided to look for a Wikipedia entry. Unfortunately, there was no information there. I then decided to look for movie reviews, but I couldn’t access the first few links that I clicked. I then searched for ‘comet review wordpress’, and in an interesting turn of events, this led me to your blog, which has the same theme as the one I’m using. But yeah, I’m rambling haha.

    That ending though; I can’t imagine that what happens after that would be favorable to Dell. I mean, yeah, they might kiss, but I think Kim has already made up her mind at this point, and has already moved on.

    I like this line from the movie: “I feel like I’m in the wrong world, ’cause I don’t belong in a world where we don’t end up together; I don’t.”


    • I’m glad your quest for information led you to my blog and I more than approve of your choice in blog-theme 😉

      As for the movie, it’s been a while since I’ve watched it. I agree that there probably wasn’t anything favorable happening for Dell in the last moments, but I could imagine their story going on and on. They are clearly destined to meet again and again and I think they might be one of those couple that need 50 or so years to finally get together. I don’t know though, it was a beautiful but also confusing movie.

      P.S. love the quote!

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  2. It got a lot of bad reviews, but I think their personalities can only be appreciated by so few. I thought it was intelligent, beautiful, and rather moving. I enjoyed their intellectual quirkiness and his anxious ramblings. Maybe it’s because I understood him in a sense. I thought it was rather powerful and I don’t think the simple-minded mass produced American who prefers big budget films and Kim Kardashian articles will ever understand the script or the visual beauty. So we don’t know what happened between them, but I think that was the point. In your mind, you are able to create your own ending. Anyone can. And that, in a sense….makes it infinite.


  3. I agree with both posts. St two thirty in the morning, I too, went on a scavenger hunt for ending clues. I am satisfied with both comments and the blog. Thank you for taking the time to review it. I can now go to sleep more easily 🙂 I look forward to rewatching this rather interesting movie again. It was a great mental exercise and a visual treat.


  4. Is it possible that Kimberly was telling the ultimate “false” lie to Dell like they talked the about at the beginning of the film? The lie he told her to “get it over with”? Maybe she wasn’t engaged or pregnant but giving him a taste of his own medicine to wind up finally in a real lasting relationship? Just a thought. Either way, endings like this one always seem to mess up my brain for a few hours after. It’s just not a nice feeling to not have a conclusion! Thanks!

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    • Hmm, I never thought about it that way. But I don’t think Kimberly would go that far to be honest. But who knows, there’s definitely a whole lot of room for interpretation.
      I hate open endings like that. I actually would have really liked to know what happens for real.


  5. I thought the same thing that Kimberly was telling a lie about being pregnant and about Jack. That is how I see it, and Dell and Kimberly lived happily ever after.

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