Bitten Season 2 Premiere

Last weekend the 2nd Season of Bitten started and that means I need to talk about it. Spoilers ahead! (For the first episode as well as what’s to come!)

So, as the promos for the new season already suggested, Bitten has gotten a lot darker and bloodier, but not actually a lot has happened in the first episode so far. Let me recap the main points:

  • (pregnant) Rachel is still missing after being kidnapped last season finale, which has Logan in fits.
  • Elena, while being with Clay (finally!), is of course worked up over the beheading of her ex-lover.
  • Jeremy gets threatened by the other alphas that they’ll take over his territory if he doesn’t kill his father within a week. Unfortunately, as long as they don’t have Rachel, they can’t do that.
  • A lot of people with strange signs “tattooed” on them want to kill Malcolm Danvers as well.
  • And last but not least, it’s always a feast to watch Nick Sorrentino at “work”.

That’s really it! I wish there was more to say about the first episode, but I just don’t know what, because that’s pretty much all that happened. So, instead, let’s talk about what’s to come this season. First of all, we have witches in the universe of Bitten now. That’s not really a strange thing to have, considering that we are talking about a fantasy/horror/supernatural TV show, but it’s still a nice addition. It was already teased that, just like Elena is the only female werewolf, the witches have only one male member and that he is likely to connect with Elena because of that. Yet, it seems the coven isn’t the only new enemy the pack will have to face. According to some sources, the television show creators want to stick to the storyline of the second book “Stolen” (which I haven’t read yet, but click here to read my comparison of the first book to the show), which would mean that there is a sort of military facility that captures and studies supernatural creatures. Those rumours aren’t confirmed, as far as I know, but from what we saw, there was a person dissecting a werewolf and the episode’s start hinted at that as well.

That all sounds very intriguing and I am happy to have the show back! What are your thoughts?

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