Red Queen Review

Sorry for the hiatus, but I read this book last week and I was just so infatuated with it that I decided to share it with you – also, because I don’t know what else to write about. Here comes my review of Red Queen by Victoria Aveyard! Spoilers can not be entirely avoided if you want to go into this book blank, although I will not give away the grand finale!

Red Queen is Aveyard’s debut novel and a brilliant one at that. I am still not entirely confident that I have the vocabulary to express my admiration for the book. It often made me think of other stories I love, such as the Hunger Games, weirdly enough Divergent and for some reason also the Shatter Me Series or was it just X-Men … In the end I simply figured it’s a mix of all the dystopians I have ever read and liked. (The description says it’s a mix between Graceling and The Selection Series, but I cannot testify to that, as I’ve not yet read those books. But they are on my list!) While it may not seem that way, it’s something really good that the Red Queen reminded me of other stuff. If you read as many books of the same genre as I do, things are bound to repeat themselves, be it in the set-up, the characteristics of the main protagonist or the love triangle/square/hectagon/whatever other shape possible. Aveyard managed to still capture me, so she must’ve done something right.

But let’s get to the actual plot of the book. The world is divided into people with red blood and silver blood, of which the reds live in crowded cities, have to work all day and are generally poor. The silvers on the other hand are like gods, they are rich and famous, some of them are even royalty and there is a reason for that: they have powers that no red possesses. Their abilities range from controlling elements, animals and their fellow human beings to superstrength and invisibility. But then there is Mare Barrow, red-blooded and a thief, but also gifted with a power like no silver has ever seen. She can control electricity, but oddly enough she can also create it. That doesn’t just make her special, but also dangerous, which is why the royal family decides to sell her to the public as a long lost silver princess. Yet, Mare never wanted to be one of the silvers, she hates them too much for that, so instead she helps plot a revolution to throw them off their throne.

The book is full of action and twists (oh my, that twist at the end!!!), but also love, duty and family. It has more serious topics, such as politics, race or in this case blood-type, war and the responsibilities that come with ruling over people. Then again it is also such a lovely, light and fast read. It took me a couple of chapters to really get into it, but then I couldn’t put the book away. The powers of the silvers were really cool and I loved that Mare was special, but not in a way that meant she could just defeat everyone else because of that. Instead she had to work and train hard to get stronger. I thought the teen-romance would be too much, but it really wasn’t the main focus of the story, which was a relief. Instead I was really torn the entire time and didn’t know who to trust. Everyone just keeps betraying everyone. Aveyard managed to write a gripping yet really quick read. I am devastated that I have to wait an unknown period of time until I can finish the trilogy, for you just want to know what will happen next.

I hope my enthusiasm for the book came across. If you want to discuss in the comments, I am all for that!

14 thoughts on “Red Queen Review

  1. I know they say that the kids only inherit the father’s powers, but do you think it’s possible that Mave has somehow gotten his mom’s power too?

    I was left with that nagging feeling that he was able to do more than he showed…


    • Wait … I don’t remember that clearly, but I think it only ever says that he has his father’s powers. I don’t think you can have two different powers though … I get why you’d think it though. I think I had a similar feeling.


      • But why not? I hope she explains it, because being in genetics, it doesn’t make sense to me… unless the powers were opposites, which they aren’t… i need to know more!!!


      • I don’t think supernatrual powers strictly follow scientific guidelines hahaha but I know what you mean. I just meant that in the first book there were no people with a “mix” of powers. Then again, Mare is an anomaly as well …


      • yeah, I can see that – and don’t get me wrong, I hate him too – but I do think that he liked Mare, even if he wasn’t supposed to… what he did was despicable, after that twist when Elara makes Cal do the thing, I had to put the book down and cool my nerves… that was gut wrenching.


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