Finding Carter Season 2 Premiere

I loved the first Season of Finding Carter and again, it was one of those shows that just left you with a cruel cliffhanger to deal with on your own. So, in “Love the Way You Lie” we finally got to see why Lori abducted Carter … again. Spoilers ahead!!

I always knew there had to be some good reason why Lori abducted Carter. I never thought she did it, because she was so desperate to get a child. I mean she planned the whole thing and stalked the whole family, so there had to be some thought behind it. But let’s just dive into all the revelations and happenings of the Season 2 Premiere:

  • Obviously all of Carter’s friends are freaked out over her getting kidnapped again, but there’s also an upside to that. Max and Taylor reconcile their relationship. I thought it was pretty dumb when they split up last Season, so yay to that being the shortest break ever!
  • Elizabeth doesn’t get to run Carter’s case this time. It’s under the jurisdiction of the FBI and I think that makes complete and utter sense. If doctors aren’t allowed to operate on their relatives, police men and women shouldn’t handle cases about their loved ones. At some point you just aren’t objective anymore and it’s no secret that Elizabeth hates Lori.
  • Speaking of Lori: After abducting Carter against her will, she also wants to go get Taylor and I was like WTF? but then she explained herself. I mean, yes, the woman is deranged, but it just makes so much more sense now. She was the surrogate for Elizabeth and David and is therefore the biological mother of Taylor and Carter. She now feels like she has a right to live with her daughters, which she doesn’t, at least not legally. Yet, now I don’t understand the stalker photos that show Elizabeth pregnant.
  • I remember really liking the grandparents in the first Season, but now they’re really getting on my nerves.

I think those are all of the major points of the Season 2 Premiere. Watch the video below to see what’s ahead of us. I personally can’t wait for the return of Crash and his first meeting with Max. Somehow, I still want to believe that there is something good in Crash …

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